Sunday, September 2, 2012

Caribou and harvest time

Hat: Great Northwest (Fred Meyer/Kroger)
Dress: J.Crew (thrifted)
Shoes: Sears
Necklace: Sears
Handbag: Liz Claiborne Leather (thrifted)

It was a big day for us.  Mom and I had our first riding lesson with the trainer in almost a month, it was so fantastic to get some feedback.  We've been riding on our own this past month and while I did have some break-throughs with my riding, it is essential to have someone on the ground, giving you that feed back. (Plus, I'm only a intermediate rider.  I need that!)  I've ridden Jumpers my whole riding career so this Dressage stuff has been kicking my butt, right up until I realized I need to ride in my ground work the way way I would ride to a fence.  It was a pretty sweet feeling getting that powerful, round trot out of Mikatto.

Afterwards it was harvest day for us.  My parent have a huge garden that we've all been working on all summer, but its starting to get close to freezing at night so it was time to dig everything up.  Gunnar and Izzy had so much fun digging under the plants to get to the potatoes and pulling up the carrots while Mom and I got all of the herbs strung up to be dried.   We had a huge beet crop this year, so I'm thinking about pickling or canning our half of them.   I'm really excited about all of the green tomatoes as well.

My dad and my little brother also got two Caribou yesterday!  It was my brother's very first hunt where he got his caribou all by himself, he was so proud.  Dad and Jake pulled up to their hunting spot, were unloading everything and two bulls popped up right next to them.  The guys had just enough time to grab a handful of bullets and they took off after the bulls, one in each direction.  Jake had to chase his down for over a mile and then made an amazing shot on the run.  I'm just so proud of him!  (It was funny talking to some of our family friends this morning about Jake getting his first caribou.  They're a bunch of old rough necks and they got this incredible smile on their faces then started talking about how special that first deer/caribou/moose is.)  We've been lately the meat hang and tomorrow we all are getting together to carve and package the meat, everyone gets some for their freezers this winter.  Evan (my husband) and Dad are trying to get a moose hunting trip set up for sometime in the next two weeks, a moose would be amazing!  Caribou are only a little larger than a deer so you don't get a ton of meat from them.

Hmm, I suppose I should mention that I did NOT wear this for any of the day's activies! (That was just a sweatshirt, jeans and barn boots, nothing too cute.)  I put this dress on afterwards after we all got cleaned up and we needed to run a few errands. 

Happy Labor Day to all of my fellow Americans and happy Monday to everyone else! (Yay, monday....)


  1. Hahaha, I was about to ask if you really wear that outfit during those extreme activities, then I saw you didn't :D You have a garden? That's amazing, how I wish I have my own garden to grow potatoes in. I'd eat nothing but potatoes!

  2. such a cute shirtdress and I love how you layered that pretty necklace over it and cinched in the waist with a belt! super cute look.


  3. Love those shoes! I can't believe it's already getting near freezing at night there. And I thought Boston was cold!

  4. This weekend sounds amazing. No one in my family has a green thumb so the only thing we grow in our backyard would be an apple tree. Although growing potatoes and carrots would be so awesome, especially since I LOVE eating potatoes. And ooo I don't even think I have ever seen a caribou or moose in person before. Congratulations to your brother!

    I love that shirt dress with those amazing heels and the statement necklace. You are so good at remixing, so inspirational :) And thank you for responding about the ae jeans, I just ordered them yesterday!

  5. Such a cute dress! Love your styling.

  6. Great outfit! You styled the dress perfectly! I love all your accessories!

  7. Those wedges are beyond cute! I really like reading about your adventures, I just can't believe how much you actually get done in one day and still have time to go ahead with mini photoshoots. Seriously, I feel like I'm being teleported to the modern version of Huckleberry Finn's (although I'm not sure that they hunted Caribou) or something like that, haha. Totally cute hat, I mean how in the world do you pull off so many hat looks? I'm jealous. *SIGH* Why can't I have a nice hat face like you?



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