Friday, September 21, 2012

At least the jacket looks mature

Jacket: Jo`n 
(Gift from my Aunt who has amazing taste, I'll take her hand-me downs any day of the week!)

Dress: Forever21
Shoes: Madden Girl (Fred Meyer/Kroger)
Handbag: Coach (thrifted)

Every time I tried to type into my browser tonight, I'd typed

Ah.  Obviously, I'm really on top of things tonight.  This is what happens when you talk to kids all day, you end up saying, "No, no! Hot hot!" when your husband tried to take a hot pan out of the oven and apparently boogers are more on your mind than blogs.

By the way, I just get a search engine for   I would have thought someone out there would have been all over that domain name. 


  1. Katie, This is cute outfit. Your background is so pretty and rustic and your outfits kind of fit with it.

  2. The dress is adorable! Great find at Forever 21, for sure.

    My running blog is eri-thon. Sometimes I accidentally type "eri-thong". Yep.

  3. Oh, Katie, you crack me up. I spell my name wrong a lot; well, I think I just type it too quickly, but there is an actual chance I just don't know how to spell.

    Love the collar (which I ALWAYS type as color) on that dress; it's adorable!

  4. This dress is fantastic, and your photos are so beautiful.


  5. Hahahahah, sometimes I talk like a moron to bf, maybe too much exposure to radiation from the monitor :D You look like a forest nymph, love it!

  6. The polka dot dress with the collar is so cute but I love how you made it a bit more serious with the blazer! And haha I do that too sometimes because I try to type "blogger" really fast but I guess my typing skills aren't that great and I end up somewhere else.

  7. I just wore a polka dot dress the other day... except I put it under a pencil skirt, so technically it was a top. As soon as I read your typo, I laughed and immediately began typing all of my words incorrectly. In fact this comment is taking twice as long because I keep leaving letters out or just spelling things amazingly wroung. Lke tht lst one. Hehe, the peter pan collar on this dress is such a fantastic detail, I now want to make my own peter pan collar for just about everything in my closet.



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