Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Those shoes again

Dress: Jennifer Lopaz for Kohls
Handbag: Coach (consignment)
Shoes: Shoemint (via Ebay)
Jewelry: Assorted

I've been trying to figure out what my personal style is lately.   I've been kinda of all over the place style-wise this summer and now that I'm trying to clean my closet out, I'm trying to find the pieces that really speak for my style.    I love cute and girly, but at heart I really enjoy wearing structured garments, whether it's trouser slacks or a dress like this one. (Don't get me started on the love affair with blazers.)

Even though I don't work in a professional environment anymore, since the barn is a far from that as possible and I only dress up when I'm freelancing, this dress has stayed in my closet.  I feel confident in it, I love a neutral color and these shoes are just awesome.  I am so happy that I saved up for these shoes and kept looking until I located them on Ebay, they are the best shoes ever.  They make me super tall and how is that not awesome?

Speaking of the barn, the new horse has really start to put on some weight a muscle.  We've been riding him really hard and he's just now starting to get the concept on getting round and pulling his butt under him.  I got to jump him around a little yesterday and was so thrill to realize even though he's a dork and spooks at everything, he's super chill over jumps and stays completely relaxed.  For as little training as he's had put into him, he's very relaxed about adjusting his stride to a after the jump.   I played around a bitwith taking him up to the jump with a long and short strides and he was just a dream about it.  I'm so excited to start working him over some bigger jumps!   The kids also got to jump on a little pony that's at the barn temporarily.  They rode him around the lower pasture bareback, they're starting to become such good little riders!


  1. Lovely outfit! I have similar shoes, and yes it's awesome to be supertall!! :) Would you like following each other?

  2. Love the classy black dress - so pretty!

  3. That is an awesome dress. Although I tend to go for more cutesy, a-line dresses, I do love a great professional, form fitting dress. I always feel very authoritative when I wear one. The shoes were a great choice to add some color!

  4. The dress fits you so well! I think one of the best parts about playing with fashion is that you can wear different styles from one day to the next :)

    That's awesome that your new horse is jumping so well after so little training!

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  5. Glad to hear the horsy is feeling better ^_^ And very classy dress :P

  6. katie you are killing it with those shoes, girl. loveeeeeee

  7. I LOVE the brown dress with the aqua shoes. What a great color combination.

    I have a pretty brown dress and I can never figure out what shoes to wear with it. I don't have any that color...but I sure wish I did!


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