Thursday, August 16, 2012

Mint and loafers

Jacket: Union Bay (thrifted)
Silk Blouse: Nine West (thrifted)
Jeans: JBrand (gift from my mom)
Shoes: Mia (thrifted)
Handbag: Liz Claiborne Leather (thrifted)
Bangle: Garage Sale

I have to say, these thrifted loafers are right up there with my blue Shoemint heels, I just love them!  They are by far the most comfortable of any of my flats and I like how they instantly add a special element to any outfit, they look cute with both skirts and jeans. 

I talked about trying to find my own style yesterday and I think this outfit is very typical of what I like to wear.  I really am such a jeans girl, I always roll my sleeves since I'm silly about having sleeves cover my forearms (it just bugs me) and I can never say no to a print top.  The masculine element of the outfit with the loafers is something I love and part of how I've always dressed, thanks in part to a Katharine Hepburn obsession.

Katharine Hepburn has always been my biggest style icon, I always loved how bold she was and how she was able to pull of the masculine looks she was known for.  I was actually named after her, as she was both my grandmother and my mother's favorite actress.   I've always admired her bravery for wearing masculine clothing at a time when it really was quite scandalous and how she really stood apart from many of the other actress of her day. (Not to mention she had a rather fascinating life!)

Who you admire  style wise?  I know Audrey Hepburn and Alexa Chung are always at the tops of the list, is there any one unusual you like?


  1. What a super cute outfit! Loving the mint green jacket and of course the shoes. Your hair is really cute like this. How did you do that?

    My style icons are Reese Witherspoon, Jessica Alba, and Katie Holmes. They can rock a casual look that most of us can re-create at home. Heather

  2. love this!! audrey hepburn is totally at the top of my list, also kate middleton (duh!) but i have always been a huge fan of jennifer anniston's style, too.

  3. I really do love Katherine Hepburn as well, although as a curvy girl its not easy to emulate her tall, lithe appearance.

    I am a huge fan of Dita Von Teese and her pin up style!

  4. I really like those loafers! I'm drawn towards those who have the effortlessly chic style, like Olivia Palermo and Rachel Bilson. I love classic beauties like Audrey Hepburn and Kate Middleton too. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  5. I absolutely love your hair in these pictures! I love 60s style so Bridget Bardot, Natalie Wood, Jackie Kennedy, and a young Jane Fonda are definitely up there. My modern fashion faves would be Adele, Zooey Deschanel, and Drew Barrymore.

  6. Love LC, Audrey, SJP, Kate Middleton. All very different, but I take a bit of inspiration from each one!

    Great loafers, I am loving all loafers right now!

  7. How neat that you were named after such an icon! Your hair looks gorgeous up like that!

    I love Emma Stone, Rachel Bilson, and Resse Witherspoon's style.

    The Tiny Heart
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  8. Please teach me how to do my hair like this!!! I love it!!!

  9. I feel the same way about fabric on my forearms! I always end up pushing my sleeves up.

    I admit that I've never really paid attention to celebrities so I don't know anyone whose style I admire. But I will say that I love my boss's style. She's so fashionable and I would kill for her closet.

  10. love your hair in this post! It's always good to have a good pair of loafers - they are comfy, go with just about anything and like you said, have a little bit of masculine edge!


  11. I can't even comment on your outfit because I was too busy looking up at your adorable hairstyle and down at those awesome loafers. I'm happy you found your shoe comfort heaven.


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