Tuesday, August 28, 2012

Lace and Military jackets

Jacket: (thrifted)
Lace shirt: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Tank: Old Navy
Pants: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Shoes: Payless
Handbag: Coach (Consignment)

I''ll just admit that I love lace.  Lovely, old fashion what lace just gets me every time.  It pairs so well with my other love, military inspired jackets and this soft jacket works so perfectly with all of my lace tops!

I know I mentioned that the next time I wore polka dotted pants I'd be braver and step away from the neutral colored tops but that didn't happen.  I guess I haven't figured out how to wear patterned pants with bright tops and not have it look too trendy.   Neutrals at least keep this an outfit that I can wear a few years from now and not feel terribly dated in it.  I worry about that with every trend, I hate to buy clothes that will look dated in a short amount of time.  Unless it's something I can wear over and over again, I won't buy it.  I think this is why I still won't buy a pair of floral or animal patterned pants, they just feel a little too trendy for me.  (With the animal printed pants, it might be a safety related issue.  Hunting season is coming up you know.)

Last time I wore my hair rolled up like this a lot of people asked how I did this.  I got the idea from Elizabeth over at Delightfully Tacky.  She did a easy to follow tutorial on how to do this and while I mangled it quite a bit, it is really easy to do!   And while I'm talking about fellow Alaskan style bloggers, I want to give Lauren over at Introvet's Introduction a big shout out.  She headed off to college down in the lower 48 this week (to one of my favorite cities I might add!) and I wish her the best in this big new step in her life!  Have such an exciting time exploring Portland Lauren!

Izzy is so proud of her new shoes!  Sears had a huge sale on their kids shoes this weekend and since her and Gunnar have grown out of their shoes this summer (or destroyed them) they both got to buy new shoes.  Izzy found these cute pink tennis shoes and a little pair of girl high-heels. (She's going to give Suri a run for her money.)  Gunnar was so serious picking out his shoes, he had to go through each pair in his size before he settled on  a pair.  It was quite cute!


  1. I love the pairing of the lace with the military jacket. It's just perfect!

  2. Izzy definitely gives Suri a run for her money! I love the contrast of ultra feminine lace and heels and the utilitarian jacket and jeans.

  3. I love the military jacket and lace! Adorable daughter!


  4. :D Yay thank you! I am definitely loving it here. But we sang a song in chapel tonight and it talked about the mountains and totally made me miss the mountains in Alaska!

  5. i don't know what i love more, the lace, the military jacket, or the adorable daughter!! so fun! ps: how far are you from the Alaska state fair??

    1. There's two big state fairs every year, the Fairbanks Alaska sate fair that was a little earlier this month (it's a couple miles away from us.) and then there the huge State Fair which is located in Palmer Alaska this time every year, that one is so fun, I miss getting to go to it. (But alas, that one is about 350 miles away from us, so a little of a drive.)

  6. I love the contrast of the tough military jacket with the girly lace! And your hair still looks amazing...I have to try out that tutorial. Izzy is adorable in her pink shoes!

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  7. Love the feminine lace with the casual jacket, they go so well together! You look great. And how cute is Izzy!?

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Your jeans are very cute. I think they could be paired with just about any color since the polka dots are pretty subtle. And every time I see a jacket like that it makes me want one!

  9. First of all, those pants fit you so nicely! love them! Also, your hair looks amazing and I'm loving that military jacket!


  10. Izzy is really adorable!
    You look great c: Love
    the lace top and the
    military jacket!


  11. Lace + military. Sigh. What's not to love??

  12. You look so adorable! I love how you mix the feminine lace with the rough military jacket. Also, your hair DOES look gorgeous pinned up like that! Oh, and of course Izzy is too cute for words ;)


  13. Cute jacket and Izzy looks adorable!


  14. I love the subtle polka dots jeans with the lace and the military jacket--ahhh amazing outfit:)I especially love the lace top, works for summer and fall and winter and spring. okay all seasons :) And yup, I totally agree with you about super trendy items. Although I do have floral patterned pants because I had a gift card. (yay gift cards, they make me buy things that I don't really need :P) And awww Izzy's outfit is adorable, she is so stylish already.

    1. You are one of the few people I like the floral pants on! I love how you styled yours, you made them look so fun and it looked very true to your own style. (Ahh, I always drool over your style.)


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