Friday, August 17, 2012

It's not like polka dots are an obsession

Shirt: Old Navy
Belt: Another dress
Skirt: BCBGeneration (thrifted)
Shoes: Payless
Necklace: Sears
Handbag: Liz Claiborne Leather (thrifted)

This skirt has been hanging out in my alterations pile for almost a year now. (how sad is that?)  When I thrifted it, it was a size too big and now its maybe three sized to big in the waist band, but I loved the skirt so much when I found it at the thrift store, I had to come how.  (It was also only about $3, so it seemed worth the pain of trying to fix it myself.)  I still haven't gotten around to taking it, but today I just folded back the waistband and safety-pinned it.  

I think I'm going to have to boycott Value Village now.  Ours has always been a little bit on the spendier side of thrift stores, but it's gotten really bad the past month.   I'm finding Target and Forever21 dresses priced $20 and more,which is just insanity!  I think the final straw was the Banana Republic dress I found yesterday.  Really pretty but the tags were still on.  Someone had clearly peeled off the clearance sticker on the original price tag so they could price the dress at half of the original retail price.   Sorry, but I'm not paying $80 for a Banana Republic dress at the thrift store.  Bit me Value Village!   I know it does cost a lot to operate up here, but that is just crazy prices for a non-designer garment at a thrift store.  (Never mind the gentleman who tried to sell me a clearly fake Louis Vitton purse for $60.   I didn't even have to touch it know it was cheap pleather and he kept trying to tell me it was real.  Not with that bad of a stitching job mister!)


  1. Love that necklace. Looks really great with this outfit

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  2. That's crazy! I'm sure they'd do better if they offered the goods at real thrift store prices. We have some "high end" thrift stores here and I would never shop in them either because the prices are ridiculous.

    1. I wouldn't mind paying a little more for nicer clothes (which is why I love consigment shops) but most Forever21 dresses retail for under $15, it seems crazy for Value Village to be charging more than retail for second hand clothes. I don't expect them to be charging pennies because it is expensive to pay the electric bills and overhead costs, but that just seems crazy to me. :P I think I'll stick with Salvation Army for now! :)

  3. You look gorgeous honey


  4. I feel the same way about Buffalo Exchange. For a consignment store they have ridiculous prices sometimes. I usually wait until there's a sale or until I have items I can sell there for store credit.

    As you can probably guess,I love that shirt. I was so close to buying it at Old Navy, but I'm waiting for a sale:)

  5. Really cute outfit I love tha polka dots in your shirt, the little purse it´s really cute. The skirt looks great, you fixed it great, And yeah sometiems in thrift stores prices are ridicully high, and we have to be careful and well is not that difficul to notice when something is fake, specially bags.

  6. Our Value Village is really expensive as well. And it's not the good stuff. It's the Target and Old Navy and Aeropostale stuff that they are over-pricing; it's ridiculous. But, I will say that most of our thrift stores have raised their prices by quite a lot over the last couple years.

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  8. Is that the polka dot chambray shirt that's currently at Old Navy? If so, I'm expecting mine to arrive in the mail soon and now I'm even more excited!

    (used my other account on accident for the previous comment)

  9. Freaking. Cute. Skirt/Necklace/Blouse. Where I live there aren't many thrift stores, so their prices are almost the same price as they originally were, which is ridiculous in my opinion. I've been really lucky at clearance racks though, I usually get new pieces for less than I would at a local thrift store with similar items. That Value Village should be careful, you could ride in there on your pony (sorry I forgot his name) and kick they overpriced booties.


  10. that is crazy! i've never seen prices that high in a thrift store. LOVE that top, though, katie!

  11. When thrift stores start charging so much money for their crappy clothes, the world will end! Well, not really, but this sucks! It should end! -_-
    Love your cute outfit and the haaaaaaair, sorry for mentioning it again :D


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