Sunday, August 12, 2012

Date night

Jacket: Union Bay (thrifted)
Dress:  Urban vibe
Belt: Came with another dress...again...
Shoes: Shoemint (via Ebay)
Hat: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Jewelry: Assorted

Wow, so many of my favorite items in one outfit.  My favorite shoes that make me soooo tall, this pretty lace dress that gave me a crazy sunburn on my back last time I wore it, this perfect hat and my favorite jacket of all time.  This poor jacket has been through so much, I wear it with almost every casual outfit, whether hiking, fishing or whatnot and it's held up really well.

The husband and I were lucky enough that to get another babysitting out of my little sister, so we headed out for a date night.  However, it being Sunday night, most of the restaurants in lovely little Fairbanks were closed!  After our fourth attempt at at restaurant, we found a sushi place that was open and decided to try it out.  And wow, was that ever the worst sushi I'd ever had in my life!   Fish was a huge part of my family's diet growing up and I love it but I am slightly picky about the quality of the fish.  This fish had been frozen, thawed and refrozen a few times, it was so mealy, bland and on the verge of going bad.  Eh, figures, right?  But afterwards we wandered around the little local book store and got ice cream once again from Hot Licks.  It was just like when we first started dating, just a low key night, it's fun to get a chance to hang out as a couple sometimes and not just as parents.

Know what's awesome?  Beer Ice cream.  Hot Licks is the local ice cream shop that hand makes all of their ice cream and they're actually world famous for it.  Every year they use beers and ales from the local Brewery, Silver Gulch, and create these amazing flavors.  It's so Alaskan, it's pitiful.  Beer and ice cream combined, what more could you ask for?


  1. I love the light colors with the bright blue shoes!

  2. What an adorable date night outfit! I love the lace dress with the fedora!

    That stinks that the sushi place wasn't any good. It must be so annoying that there's so few restaurants open on Sunday night. The beer ice cream sounds awesome though!

    The Tiny Heart
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  3. You look beautiful! I LOVE the lace dress. And those shoes are awesome, such a pretty color. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. You won me over with that Beer Ice cream! Sounds delicious ^_^ Yeah, most of the sushi here is pretty darn awful. At the expense of poisoning something with old fish, restaurants earn a few bucks -_-
    Great date outfit! ^_^

  5. That dress is SO pretty on you...and beer ice cream? That sounds amazing!!

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Yay for the crazy high heels, I just purchased my own yesterday (thanks to you and a few other bloggers). I really love the casual feel that you infused into this outfit, the hat is just perfect! Is the beer flavor strong in the ice cream? That's so crazy!


  7. katie you are STUNNING. and those shoes?! GIRRRRRRRRRRRRRRL love it!


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