Monday, July 16, 2012


Jacket: Urban Vibe
Dress: J.Crew (Thrifted)
Belt and Ring: Icings
Shoes: Black Poppy (Pacsun)

It was a pretty fun weekend for us.  Mom and I took the kids up to the barn Saturday to work with the new horse and they had so much fun playing with him.  They're learning how to act around the horses and how to be safe, they're really enjoying being around the horses.   There's also tone of trails around the barn and since Izzy and Gunnar are such outside kiddos, they can just play for hours in the woods.

Then today the husband and I got to go on a date!  It's a big deal for us, considering our last date was a little over a year ago.  Yikes.  We had dinner at Geraldos and then ice cream at Hot Licks.  The husband got Asparagus ice cream there and surprise, it was amazing.  Like green tea ice cream, but better.  The people who create the flavors there must be brilliant.  After that we went to the big bookstore together and then did a little shopping for a new knife for him, since the kershaw I got him years back was lost.  Hes still trying to decided which one he wants, but the Cold Steel AK-47 is sticking with him.   It was so much fun just getting to spend time with him and no children constantly asking to go play in the bathrooms. (For some reason, bathrooms seem to be a place of great amusement to them.    Must be all of that perfect toilet paper just begging to be strewn about the place.)     Were going to try to go on one date a week and use my sister while she's still here for the summer, before she heads off to school.  (BTW, thank you so much Sanna for babysitting!  You so rock.)   Were hoping to go see Batman this week!

This was a pretty un-outfit related post, but I guess that's how it goes sometimes.


  1. I love that belt, very pretty :))

    xx BBella

  2. katie you look fantastic. the blue dress is so flattering on you! seriously - blue is a GREAT color on you!! and that is SO cool your kids get to grow up around horses. i somewhat grew up around horses and just loved it. some of my favorite childhood memories involved riding around my friend's farm. i loved it. it also was good for teaching HARD work!! horses are no joke... have so much fun on your date!!!

    BTW: you should totally come link up to #YOLOmondays today if you want! happy monday, katie!

  3. Hhahaha, thanks to the amazing sister! Great that you went on a date, I can't remember when me and bf went on one....sigh.. :D
    That deep blue look soo good on you! And about the creepy guy story, yeah, that's usually what happens to me too, it's like free TV for them :D

  4. I love the blue with the yellow, so pretty! Sounds like you guys had a wonderful date! My hubby and I try to go on a date once a week. :)

    The Tiny Heart

  5. Again, cobalt blue looks amazing on you! Dinner, ice cream and a book store sounds like the perfect date.

  6. What a pretty dress! The blue is such a lovely color!

  7. Such a cute dress on you, I love it with the yellow belt! So great that you and your husband got to enjoy a nice date. :)

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  8. Date night, the first in a year sounds pretty exciting! You look great & I like the little pop of yellow you added to this outfit with the belt :) royal blue looks really good on you!

  9. Great you had a date. It's really good for a healthy marriage. We go on a date regularly. No need fancy fancy just spend a quality time you and hubby regularly will keep the marriage warm :)

    Love love the cobalt blue dress. I can't get enough myself with cobalt this year. You are so cute. You know that right ?


  10. I love the yellow belt mixed with that blue color!

  11. You look so posh, sophisticated and beautiful especially with this hairstyle. At first I totally though you chopped off your locks and I panicked, then I thought that you looked freaking amazing either way, then I really came to my senses and realized that you had just pulled your hair back. Lol. The blue against the yellow skinny belt is genius. Your date sounded like so much fun, asparagus ice cream sounds crazy though...



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