Saturday, July 28, 2012

This is my type of Eden

I'll just apologize in advance for this being a picture heavy post.

Shirt: Urban vibe (B-day present from my little sister.)
nude Cami: Old Navy
belt; Icings
skirt: Gap (thrifted)
shoes: Madden Girl (Famous Footwear and now on great clearance!)
Hat: Old Navy

I do apologize for all of the pictures, but I just was so pleased with everything.  The McGrath road off of Framer's Loop is so beautiful, it reminds me of all of my favorite places in Alaska with a dash of the roads around Bellingham,WA. (One of my favorite places down in the lower 48.)  It's small, winding road over the hill with trees growing over the avenue, and all of the foliage is so beautiful and restful feeling.  The kids and I had so much fun exploring some of the little trails up there, plus there's a great little bike path that we rode up and down.

I also love this skirt!  I almost put it back at the thrift store, just because it was a size too but and a bit too long, but I brought it home because the color was so pretty.  Well, it's a now a favorite in my closet.  I love the color, the two floaty layers, everything!  Until I do some adjustments on it, I've just been rolling up the waistband and wearing it with a belt.  This skirt works with every top in my closet, I'm so happy I looked past the size and got it.  

This nude cami is becoming on of the most remixed garments in my closet, it works really well for the sheer shirts, but doesn't look as silly as wearing a white cami under everything.  

Oooooh, I discovered a really great mascara as well!  I have very short, sparse (read, nonexistent.) eyelashes, so I need a lot of help in this department.  When I saw my little sister the other day, I thought she was wearing fake eyelashes, hers were so long and thick!  Nope, it was the super cheap Wet 'nWild Mega Length mascara, which coasts all of a whopping $2.99.  Wow.   I remember years ago, I was working 13 hr days, everyday straight for two months right before I got to go on a short vacation to Portland.  I saved up so I could go the makeup counter at Nordstroms and get some really great makeup.  I ended up getting a bunch of Bobby Brown cosmetics (and none of it was at a $2.99 price point!) and when I got back home to Fairbanks I was so disappointed with it.  It seemed just like poor quality, the foundation was awful and cakey, the mascara was subpar , even the lipsticks and eye shadows was really disappointing.  Ever since then I've stayed away from the spendier stuff out of fear of spending that much money and being so unhappy with it.  The most I ever spend is on the Revlon Photofinishing foam foundation, which is amazing and light, but everything else is the cheapy cheap brands.  Wet 'n Wild makes such great eyeshadow crayons, they're thick and soft, last for a long time and have such fun colors.  (I just discovered the purple eye crayon, it really looks amazing on blue eyes.)

Yeah, it doesn't get much cuter than that.


  1. I love all the colors in your outfit! The blue skirt looks amazing with the colorblock heels :) And your top is sooo pretty, the contrast of the collar part is awesome. (And is that a peter pan collar? :D) Ooo I should really try the wet n' wild mascara, I also have very short eyelashes. haha but yay now there's hope.

    And awww those last pictures are really cute :)

    1. It is a peter pan collar! I think I'm almost as obessed with those as I am with polka dots. :)
      The Wet 'n Wild mascara is fatastic! It's the Mega Length versio in the blue tube and it's just so amazing. The brush is really small and fine lookig, but it gives short lashes so much volume and length without clumping. (And it's super cheap to boot!)

  2. Aaaaww, these photos are so adorable! There are so many things that I love about this outfit. I agree with you, the color of your skirt is just divine. And don't get me started with your colorful heels!! So cute.

  3. Adorable pics love the utfit so so much!! you are gorgeous! COuld you please consider following each other?
    Twitter: @shineonbyandrea
    Instagram: Shineonbyandrea

  4. The pics came out so good! And I love the blue skirt with those heels - such fun colors :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. love all the colors in this outfit!!


  6. I love the lace and that skirt is fabulous! I want one, in red and pink, again with the ombre colors. I'm glad that you posted so many pics, they all need to be seen :) Oh, maybe I should try that Wet n' Wild mascara, I have to have my Maybelinne mascara though, a lot of other mascaras just melt off my lashes.


  7. These pictures are great. I'm glad you decided to get the skirt:)


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