Thursday, July 19, 2012

(Insert clever seventies joke)

Coat: Ellen Tracey (Gift)
Shirt: Calvin Klein (thrifted)
Jeans: Old Navy
Belt: Came with a dress (This seems to be how i get most of my belts)
Shoes: Shoemint (via ebay)
Handbag: Coach (consignment)
Jewelry: Assorted

I haven't worn these high waisted bell bottoms in so long, just because they're so long! (Hah, aren't I just the funny one tonight.)  But with the wonderful shoemint shoes, they're just about normal person length and I'm just about normal person height.   This shirt is a really old thrifting find, back from when I wasn't so lazy about thrifting.  Thrifting shirts are one thing that takes the wind right out of me, it takes so long to go through every. single. shirt.  And while most shirts at the thrift store do tend to be more, er, matronly, sometimes I find gems like this.

This seems to sum up my thrifting experiences.  Some times I get really lucky and find something amazing for a great price, but it does take digging through the piles and having an idea of what to look for.  I use my fingers to feel for nice fabrics and I watch for colors that I like, or patterns.  And while a good proportion of garments at thrift store can be, as mentioned before, matronly or worn out,  sometimes you do find Dior. (I'll wave my hand in the air here.)   It's important not to get discouraged if you come away with nothing.  A good half of the time I come away empty handed, but I have those times when I do find something really special.  You just have to keep at it!

And yes, I might be a tiny bit obsessed with knotting my shirts, but its fun to have an alternative to belting or tucking in your shirt and it has such a fun summer feel.  Or maybe I just never grew out of the 90s style wise.


  1. Amazing Pants ,suits you very well!

    Lovely Greetings :*

  2. You channel the 70s SO well, Katie! I love this look on you!

    The Tiny Heart

  3. OH MY GOSH I LOVE THIS!! katie... this might be my favorite look of yours. AHHHH i seriously LOVE it.

  4. Those jeans are so flattering on you. Love this look!

  5. I love the colorful shirt and I love it knotted. LOVING the 70s vibe!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  6. Those jeans are super flattering on you and I loved the knotted top with them.

  7. Thrift ing can be so much work some times! But I love this outfit. And the bag is awesome. I am a sucker for a good bag!

  8. Oh yeah, I hate digging in the shirts, they're just soo mannny O.O
    Those pants are too cool!!!!

  9. I absolutely love those jeans! Such a cute outfit!

    A Southern Drawl

  10. The jeans look amazing on you! (I recently got sort of high waisted bell bottoms jeans and they are also too long so I have to wear it with heels. But it's so fun to wear it with heels because then I feel so tall :D) The tied thrifted shirt looks great with the jeans. And wow the shirt has so many pretty colors.

    And ahh yes me too! I go thrifting in this tiny little store (because it's the only good one near me) and I take at least 4 hours to sift through everything. So tiring, but so worth it!

  11. k, this is my kind of outfit, love those flares. awesomeness. thrifiting is so hit & miss, for me it's been miss latley which sucks! I think another key to being a good thrifter is (as much as it sucks) is to go often. I used to work down the street from a salvation army and a couple times a week I'd pop in on my lunch and take a quick look through the coats & dresses. One month I scored 3 coats for dirt cheap. Coats I'd see on ebay (or in Toronto vintage stores) for $200, $300 +. crazyness.

    anyways love the thrifted outfits and again THOSE JEANS!!


  12. Hello! I just found your blog because you commented on mine! And I have to say, I really love those high-waisted jeans. I've been looking for some good fitting ones for a while because I think they're so flattering. They look great on you!

    Cup of Tea

  13. Those pants are a beautiful cut for you. I was surprised they're from Old Navy! They could pass for a designer pair.

  14. The pants looks great on you :) I love it whenever I find great clothes from thrift shopping the effort on rummaging the thrift store is worth it :)

  15. I can't quite decide which is more amazing, the incredibly shaped bag or the gorgeous printed blouse! Beautiful outfit!

  16. Love the 70's vibe here. And I'm obsessed with the bag.
    Great blog, following!
    xo Annie

  17. Oh lala. Yes to the bell bottoms, I think you should try a fro, just for kicks (<---lol!) Anyways, I'm now inspired to go thrifting, I want to find Anthro for 25 cents! Your handbag/packpack really brings on my purse envy. Like so hardcore parcore. That top is so bright and amazing, and I love that you paired it with a bright green jacket, you're so BOLD. I apologize if this comment doesn't make sense, I'm just battling a serious case of purse envy.


  18. Love those wide leg jeans and that fabulous green jacket - so cute!

    The Other Side of Gray

  19. love that pattern, especially when it's paired with that deep green of your jacket. it sets it off so well and it's so pretty!

  20. Love your outfit. Hope you are well xxx


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