Saturday, July 28, 2012


shirt: Seven7 (thrifted)
Pants: CanyonRiverBlues (Sears)
Belt: Icings
Shoes: Gap (Thrifted)

We discovered this great little recreational area out on the Goldstream road.  There's tons of fun trails, marshlands and some small ponds.  We explored a little bit, but the smell of fish was really strong around the little pond here and since bears have been seen out by in the Goldstream/Farmer's loop Area, we headed back to the car pretty fast.  I really haven't figured out how to take photos in bright sunlight and the lighting was just really harsh.  Eventually I'll get this down.

These bright green pants are so fun to wear, I thought I'd be bold and wear them with this oversized pink blouse.  The colors make me think of watermelon and it doesn't get much more summery than that!  (Although by noon it was roasting out and we were all wishing we'd worn shorts.)

The past couple Fridays the kids have been coming out to the barn with mom and myself and I've been giving them little riding lessons on one of the little horses.  Isabel and Gunnar are enjoying it so much, they can't wait for Friday to come around now.  They're both really bold on top of the horse and have no fear in the saddle, so I'm having so much fun teaching them!  I've taught riding lessons for years and I've always really enjoyed teaching children, they get so much joy about of being around horses and it's really exciting to teach my own children now.   The riding instructor that my mom and I take lessons from has a really amazing horse facility, it's huge and has woods all around, so the kids just think it's paradise there. (And they're right, it is!)

Isabel and Gunnar talking to Dollar, the new horse!


  1. This outfit is so bright & fun! You look adorable. Also, I want these green pants!


  2. Love all those colors. The yellow belt really pulls it together.


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