Tuesday, July 17, 2012

Are they balloons or cherries?

Jacket: Faded Glory (thrifted)
Dress: Anna Sui for Anthropologie (thrifted)
Shoes: Gap (thrifted, in brand new condition)
Jewelry: Thrifted
Handbag: Coach (consignment)

This is a pretty good outfit for me, all thrifted and in muted tones.  After cleaning out my closet a few nights ago, I realized that the majority of it is thrifted.   I think this is pretty cool that I've been able to build a wardrobe from second hand items.  

I found this dress in the 75% bin at our local Salvation Army and since 75% off $1.00 is a whole quarter, I picked this dress up even though it was a babydoll style, because it's Anthropologie for a quarter! (And muted colors to boot!)   I never wear babydoll style dress since I have a large chest, but after playing around with this dress, I realized there were so many ways I can wear this!  I think its going to pop up a lot on the blog now.

My budget breakdown so far this month:
Old Navy tee x 2: $10.00
Thrifted silk skirt: $4.00
Thrifted blazer: $1.00
Thrifted Gap shoes: $4.00
Thrifted Anthropologie dress: $0.25
American Eagle Polka dotted pants: $40.00 (Coupons!)
American Eagle lace shirt: $5.99
American Eagle Bustier: $5.79
Thrifted Gap Silk Skirt: $3.99
Thrifted Silk blouse: $1.00

Total: $76.02
Left in budget: $23.98
Total budget for July(thanks to birthday money): $1.00

So I'm doing pretty well on the budget so far, little miss Izzy's B-day is coming up in just a couple days, she's pretty excited about it!


  1. Oh my gosh, I can't believe that gorgeous dress was only a quarter!!

    The Tiny Heart

  2. I'm jealous of your thrifting karma. I spent about two hours thrifting over the weekend and all I walked away with was a belt. That dress is fantastic, and I look forward to seeing you style it in more ways:)

  3. Wait, you got this dress for a quarter!? That is just awesome. This dress is so cute on you!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  4. LOVE this! There's nothing better to me than a dress + a belted cardi or jacket. The yellow belt was a great choice here too :)


  5. I love the pop of yellow against the neutrals here!

  6. i say balloons! and AMAZING find!!!!! i love it, katie!

  7. i love it when we can make amazing outfit post from thrifted clothes. it's so very light on the budget and stylish!
    love your look so pretty <3


  8. The neon skinny belt is the bomb! I'd say balloons, for sure. Seriously, if I ever get up to Alaska, I will drag you out to thrift store shopping with me. An Antho dress for 25 cents?!?!? Golly I need some of your shopping luck.




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