Saturday, June 23, 2012

Tada! Jeans and Fish

Shirt: Old Navy
Jeans: JBrand (gift)
Shoes: Shoemint (via ebay)
Necklace and smiley skull ring: Icings
Bracelets: Sears
Hat: Great northwest

Sooooooo.....someone was a lazy blogger this week.  In my defense, I did have a crazy amount of unpacking, cleaning and washing to do after the fishing trip! (Ugh, the cleaning up when you get home is Yeah, let's go with fun. No sarcasm here.)  I did finally end up taking some photos today, but you'll have to suffer through me makeup-less face and sweaty hair, I took these after going for a run.  Let me tell you, it's a good thing the Internet doesn't offer a "sniff" option.

I know, I know, I have the sense of humor of a ten-year-old-boy.  Anyways, pretty thrilled to have tried these pants back on after the fishing trip.  These were a present from my mom, but they were in her size, so when I first tried these on, there was so much muffin top going on, it was more like exploding-cake-top.  But after all of the running and the fishing trip(which is always good for the waistline!) these are fitting a lot better! 

Anyways, this is going to be a picture heavy post, these are some from our fishing trip.  It was my dad, mom, three of my little brothers, my little sister, my brothers girlfriend, Jack the Jack Russel Terrier and the two little kiddos and myself.  We drove in our convey down, with my parents and two siblings in the camper, my brother and his girls friends and then my brother Jake drove with me and Izzy and Gunnar.

Gunnar and Izzy with some fish, and then my little brother Korbett in the black hoodie and my brother Jake in the raincoat.

After taking this, I realized Korbett was being a total nerd in the background!

Izzy loved the fish.  She started making them talk and tried to make a run for it with one of them!  These were some of the tiny ones from the first day of fishing, the second day we hit a bigger run of salmon.

From the little "campground" to the fishing spot is quite a ways and you have to go along a rough trail that runs along a three hundred foot drop into one of the scariest rivers in Alaska.  I now have forearms of steel from holding so tightly onto the back of the four wheeler!

Yeah, this is the easy part of the trail.  It gets so, so much worse.

Guess where we were fishing! Yup, right on the other side of the cliff where the arrow points.  A little scary, but everyone was tied off and we had a pretty good plan in case the worst happened and someone fell in.  (Which was, "Don't fall in!")  This is such a scary river, you fall in and you don't come back out, every year there's a death or two during dip-net season.

Me in front of the old railroad tunnel we drove through on the way to the fishing spot.  I only have on nine layers under that sweater.  (The sad part is, I'm not even joking!)

I'm crazy for old railroad tunnels and this one is so cool.  Tried to get a good scale of it.  That's dad and then Korbett and Jake again.

SO cool, right?!  I took this as we were speeding through the tunnel and it came out so awesome, I keep thinking I might get a print made of it for home. :)

Our little convoy after coming up the crazy hill that leads down to the campground.

This sweet little hot bed of excitement is the Grand General Store of Chitina.  Yup, couldn't even spring for a double-wide.

Loading up the four wheeler after going up crazy hill.

Izzy helping out Nana in the camper.

Group photo after breakfast in Glenallen.  From left to right: Jake, Sanna, Dad, Gunnar, Jack the dog, Me, Izzy and Nana on top and Jared and his girlfriend Morgan. (Heheh, when I came back through to edit this, I realized I'd typed "Jack the god."  Hah, he wishes!)

Second group photo!  (Only with Korbett in it this time, with me taking the picture.)

It was a pretty fun trip.  Izzy and Gunnar were so good on the long drive down, it ended up being almost nine hours in the car thanks to road construction along the Richardson hwy.  We got down to Chitina and the campground that night and set up camp, with dad, mom and the boys heading down to the fishing spot for the first round of dip netting.  Again, Izzy and Gunnar were such good little kids, the river is pretty terrifying and they really listened and stayed away from it! (But life jackets stayed on at all times!)  They had some much fun camping out in the tent, the first night got pretty chilly, down around 35, so we all curled up under the blankets in all of our jackets and gear!  The second day mom watched the kids and I went out to the dip netting spot.  Guess how many fish I netted after 8 hours on the rocks?  Yup, a big zippy-zero!  Morgan  comes down and within 15 mins catches two, then goes on to get seven total!  It was pretty funny.
We came way with fish for all of our families for the winter, which is fantastic and everyone had so much fun.
Then we got home and it was cleaning time and fish processing time. :P

Bravo to you if you made it all the way through that!  We should be back to style posts now.   Thanks to everyone for all of their kind comments and I'm slowly working back to saying hi to everyone and commentiing this week.  Thank you all of you! (It was so fun to come back and see all of the sweet notes that you'd left.)


  1. Ugh, fish processing time I HATE! :D That river sure looks scary, but exciting too :D in a creepy kind of way. You don't have a humor of a 10 year old, I love your sense of humor! You look so happy in those photos, it brings so many positive emotions when you look at them :)
    Amazing bag and the hat is so pretty too!

  2. I was in Alaska as a teen, but I remember the fishing the most from our trip. I just watched, but it was an amazing experience.

    I was away a couple weeks ago too, and the cleaning and organizing once you get back home is the worst part! (Well, and going back to work after a week away LOL).

  3. love all the extra little pictures! looks like a great time -- love that you and your fam seem to be very outdoorsy... it's nice to see! I feel like a lot of people stay in so much more these days. anyways, you look cute in that hat and those pants fit you nicely!!


  4. Amazing Picture ,it looks like a big Adventure :))
    Great Post!

    Lovely Greetings<3

  5. LOVE your shoes!!! Hope you guys had a nice trip!!! Looks really fun!

    ~ Amelia Jin

  6. Looks like an awesome vacation - it's so beautiful there! Love that hat on you in the outfit pics - so cute Katie :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  7. Oh! i love that top! These pictures look so much fun! I want to go on vacation...


  8. What an adventure!! I'm sure these will be terrific memories for your kids once they're older. PS you look just as good without makeup as with it. I like your mesh-y top and that seriously gorgeous necklace. I don't know if it's your style, but the top could look really cute with neon bra straps peeking out at the back.


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