Friday, June 8, 2012

Stripes and polka dots

Blazer: Marc by Marc Jacobs (gift - thanks mom! ^_^)
Dress: Sears
Shoes: Madden Girl (Famous Footwear)
Clutch, earrings and ring: Icings

Pardon the frizzy hair.  It's in the process of drying out.  Earlier it just started PORING and of course that's when the kids want to go outside, so we playing in the poring down rain and got soaked.

Sears has the cutest dresses sometimes.  I got this one last summer, wore the living daylights out of it all summer long and it's still in pretty fantastic shape.  Woo!  I was so stoked to pull it out again this year, I still love it so much and this dress really does work with everything in my closet and is so easy to remix.  I wore it with a vest earlier today when it was super hot then threw on my blazer when it cooled down. (And wow, do I love this blazer!  I have broad shoulders, a large chest and a smallish waist, so finding a blazer that fits well can be tricky.  This blazer however, is a perfect fit!)

Evidently I was super surprised to find a camera taking pictures of me.


  1. Classy! Love the Shoes :)

    Wish you a beautiful Weekend ,lovely Greetings!

  2. I love the entire ensemble! The Marc by Marc Jacobs blazer has me swooning! (Your momma has great taste) That dress is adorable, especially since those heels compliment it so well :) Who's frizzy hair are you referring to? I only see some cute waves in a ponytail!


  3. Shoes are just amazing, love dotty shoes ^_^

  4. Love that dress. I never know how to wear black and navy together, but I really love this outfit!

  5. I thought this is a skirt at first, but anyways I really like it.


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