Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Some pattern mixing and some rain

Jacket: Old Navy
Dress: J.Crew (Fireweed Consigment)
Tights: Sears
Shoes: Ditto (Er, I mean Sears!)
Bracelet: Sears
Handbag: Liz Claiborne Leather (thrifted)

The Seward girl in me took great delight that it was gray, misty and rainy today.  Shoot, all I needed was some docks and some overly-agressive sea lions and I would have thought I'd stepped into a time warp.

Heh, all that aside, it's been in the mid-80 degrees for the past week and a half and with my comfort zone being 70 degrees at most, I was really happy to see the rain come! (And it makes for fun photos!)  This spot is just on the outside of the Fairbanks city limits and everytime it rains, the top of this little hill becomes shrouded in mist and clouds.  All of the fireweed has started blooming which I'm so happy about, it's one of my very favorite wildflowers.

I think shirtdresses are one of my very favorite styles of dresses, I love the wide skirts and the fitted tops.  Not to meantion, they literally work with everything.  Heels, flats, boots, you name it, it works. (Well, I haven't tried clown shoes yet.)


  1. It is beautiful wherever you are! Those wild flowers and hills? Gorgeous!

    I love the leather jacket with the shirt dress.

  2. The little hill looks so mysterious and beautiful with all that mist and wildflowers! such a great location for photos :) And I really love this outfit, especially your pretty stripe dress with the awesome leather jacket. And I love shirtdresses too, although mine is from forever 21 so it doesn't fit all that well but i still love it.

  3. cute dress!


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  4. Love your braid ^_^ I adore taking photos under the rain too, there's a whole different feeling to the photo.
    The dress is amazing and you did a great combination with brown!

  5. Love that dress Katie - so cute! And the mist looks so cool :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. i also love the rain :) because it's constantly hot here where i'm from. I love your outfit! Your jacket is pretty <3


  7. That shirtdress looks so cute layered with the leather jacket! That's good that you're getting some rain after it being so hot out.

    The Tiny Heart
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  8. Your shirtdress and leather jacket combo is perfect, I will definitely be copying it ASAP. The wildflowers have just started blooming here in Vermont and it's hard not to pick them all. You are lucky to live in such a beautiful and lush place.

  9. I love that shirt dress and it looks perfect with the leather jacket!

    xo, Yi-chia
    Always Maylee

  10. I love this dress! :) My comfort zone around 70 as well i hate the heat! BUT in New England it gets around 100! Yuck!


  11. Gorgeous jacket and I love the subtle pattern mixing! That water sounds amazing, it's going to over 100 in NC this weekend.


  12. oh how i love this post! the background is beautiful and your outfit is perfect! you look so pretty!


  13. OMG. I love your new layout, the colors just make all of your already uber cool photos pop. You look so awesome with the misty background... Love the leather, I need a jackito like that for reals, I'm on the hunt now. Speaking of hunting, ever since I've been following your blog, I've actually created a list of "Items Katie Has Featured that I Need in My Own Closet" it's super long. Like reaaaallllllyyy long, now I've added "Cute Shirtdress" as well as "Freaking Awesome Caramel Leather Jackito".



  14. Lovely jacket and the nature looks amazing! ♥

  15. I love shirtdresses too and this one looks great on you! They're one of the few dresses that work well around the house. I find wearing one makes me feel quite nostalgic...until modern elements like a leather jacket and dark tights are added. I love that they're easier to find in stores nowadays.


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