Friday, June 1, 2012

Outfit for Under $30: Florals

Dress: AB Studio (thrifted) $3.50
Belt: Came with another dress sooo...$5.00?
Shoes: Steve Madden (thrifted) $1.99
Clutch: Urban Vibe - $14.99
Two little cutie-pies: Priceless

Total: $25.48

I love stripes and floral prints together, it's so hard to go wrong with those two! (Like stripes and polka dots!)  I've got three different patterns mixed in, with the dress, the striped belt and my striped shoes, but the shoes and the belt add just a little bit of print mixing.  It's not overwhelming and even in our small town, no one looks at me like I got dressed in the dark with the boggeyman picking out the outfit. (What, your boggeyman isn't a stylist?  Yeah, mine isn't very good at it either, he shouldn't quit his night job.)

I have to say, after yesterday, it was nice to wear this longer, floaty dress, it feels so silky and I didn't have to be so careful about making sure I was covered and it just felt so summery.  I love wearing dresses in the summer, it is so nice not having to layer tights upon tights and still be  freezing.   Plus, nothing says summer like a floaty dress!


  1. You look lovely! Your mixing and matching is perfect. :)

  2. SO SO SO pretty, and that striped belt is absolutely perfect with it! Have a great weekend Katie :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. that's SUCH an amazing dress - love it with the clutch!


  4. Katie, you look so beautiful in that dress! Your pattern mixing is spot on :) I love wearing dresses in the summer...they're just such an easy outfit! Have a great weekend!

    Enter to win a clutch!

  5. You know how I feel about sundresses. Love it! That last picture is so lovely. You're smiling, and I love when your kids get in on the photos:)

  6. Gorgeous dress! Love the florals - so summery and pretty! And it's the perfect length :)

    Life Etc

  7. Beautiful, beautiful sundress! What a great thrift find :)


  8. Love this Post! You look beautiful ,this Dress suits you very well ,gorgeous!

    Wish you a great Sunday ♡

  9. Your bag is super cute! I love the dress, too. The print is really pretty on you. It is so fun and busy without being overwhelming.
    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  10. I love your dress and clutch! You look great and your kids are adorable! Very cute family :)

  11. Omg you're kidding! An outfit for less than $30 is unbelievable but you did it. And you look amazing doing it!

    Love from the NaNa girls xoxo

  12. You are so beautiful! I love your sense of style and your creativity shown through the photos. The last photo is so gorgeous!

  13. florals and stripes, YES!!! this dress is great, the prints, the colours and the ruffle at the bottom :) all for under $30, awesome.

    your kids are cute too!

  14. wow! taht dress is just 3.50? wow!
    it's totally gorgeous!


  15. The clutch is awesome. And I love the dress so much. You picked the right clutch for the dress. The clutch color is really compliment the dress design.

  16. LOVE the dress! Cannot believe it was $3.50! You always find the best deals, Missy!

    You look awesome and I LOVE the clutch- perfect accent. And hey, those kiddos aren't a bad accessory either! :)

    Keep in touch!
    It's an Easy Life

  17. that's such a pretty print on the dress! great look!

  18. Aw, I love that dress! So 50's retro. <3

    Thanks so much for the comment on my blog! North and South is so great, and has a really great romance. Also, another show that has a great romance is the first two seasons of the new series of Doctor Who. I wouldn't have expected it, but it was really good! :D


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