Saturday, June 9, 2012

Because Kansas is awesome

Blouse: Nordstrom (thrifted)
Jeans: Sears
Belt: Heh, barrowed permently from the husband
Shoes: Madden Girl (Famous Footwear and now on really good clearence!)
Bag: ? (thrifted)
Bracelet: Garage sale
Ring: Fred Meyers

Even though I completely love this outfit and it's one of my favorites, I had a compete mental block taking pictures today.  It seems to be at least a once a week thing.  Does this happen to anyone else, where you just can't get it together for pictures?

I do just love this outfit, the mint blouse works so well with the white jeans, it felt so refreshing and light!  And yes, I'm a square, I still wear a belt to keep my pants up.  Belts, not just for looks anymore!  Heh.  I found this bag a while back, when I saw it I was positive it was this vintage D&B bag I'd seen at the consignment shop a while back.  After inspection and finding no tags, I'm pretty sure it ISN'T the same bag, nor a D&B, but I sure do like it!  I can't decide if it's leopard or a cow print.

I've been really diligent about running this past month and a half.  I hated, loathed, extremely disliked it at first, really dreading the run every time.  Over the past three weeks however, I've really started looking forward to my nightly runs.  I'm getting faster, my technique is getting better, my wind is improving and I'm actually having fun. If I can't run one night, I really miss it.  This completely shocked me when I realized this, I ran track in school and did a ton of sports, but I always hated running.  But now, I'm one of those sick people who actually likes it.   This morning I was having such a good run and finished my first two miles feeling good, I decided to run an extra mile and really open up my stride and my pace.  Normally I'm a sloooow runner.   Not today.  I turned up the Kansas (WOOOO!) and I just hauled butt through the mile, finishing in an all new record for myself, just under seven minutes! (Granted, this is slow to most, but seeing as the best I've ever done was an 8 minute miles, this rocked my world!)

Yes, I listen to Kansas when I run.  I'm sure everyone in the neighbor hood wishes I didn't since I always screech, er, sing along as I run.  Carry on my Wayward son, carry on.


  1. Wow ,love the Combination Bag-Shoes! It looks amazing together with the soft coloured Outfit!

    big Hug :)

  2. BAga nad shoes are great :) I like intresting shoes and bags:) You have a nice shoes collection I always like your shoes :)

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  4. Super, very casual and comfy. Great look :)

  5. Ooh love those shoes!! :) I wish I liked running, or working out for that matter, but I don't...haha

  6. You are totally rockin' those shoes, girl! I can't even walk in heels like that, haha.


  7. Love love this outfit!! The mint top is gorgeous and those shoes are amazing.


  8. I admire you for your dedication to running! I love the feeling of a post-workout energy rush! That's a great bag, it reminds me of giraffe!

  9. I'm a runner too & I love it :)

    Also love the combo of white & mint, looks so sharp!

  10. I love the neutral combo until you hit the heels and then, WHAM, this just confirms that I do need a pair of bright heels. Just one..well maybe ten but whatevs. Props to you for running so swiftly, I'm the slowest of the slow when it comes to running, but I enjoy going long distances so I usually just tell myself, "Don't worry, being a slow runner just means your pacing yourself really well." lol.


  11. I love the mint and white combo! You look great Katie! And I'm glad to hear you're making a lot of progress with your runs. I've tried to start running in the past but I never stuck to it long before giving up. Keep it up! :)

  12. Thanks for visiting our blog! We joined your blog and would love for you to join ours.

    Your outfit is great, btw!

    Donna & Julie of

  13. great look, love especially the shoes :)

    x Daisy


  14. those heels are the KILLER:) love them <33

  15. Cute mint top!
    And thanks so much for the comment on my blog! Would you like to follow each other?

  16. Love love love your look here. You are soooo cute with that hair style. You are one stylist hot mama.

    The mint blouse and cow print handbag, nothing better than that. Perfect match.

  17. Minty goodness, I love. Totally stalking you btw :D


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