Friday, May 18, 2012

Would it kill Waldo to smile today?

Dress: Old Navy
shoes: Steve Madden (thrifted)
Handbag: Beuno
Necklace: Great Northwest

It's like a game of "where was waldo today?"  and "why did waldo have such a grumpy look on his face?" and "wow, nice dress there waldo!"

Yeah, that's as good as it gets today.  I'll admit, right now I would way rather crash than update, but I promised I would stay on the blog this week, so take that sleep!

The couple pictures by the fence and tree were earlier, I starting taking pictures, got two in and beep!  Dead camera.  So I run in, charge the camera and where I get back to my picture spot, a herd of the local transients had staked their claim to the corner, so I just moved westward.  And then it seemed like everyone and their brother's girlfriends' great aunt Ellie came out for a slow meandering walk and I end up with lots of serious pictures.

Enough of my griping. 

Sometimes I have trouble with dresses. (sometimes the dressing part as well.)  the great part is that they're so simple and easy to throw on, but how do you jazz them up?  My fall-back is always lots of jewelry, seeing as I wasn't clever enough to do something smart and blogger-ish with a shirt.  But I love the print on this dress so much, I felt like it really didn't need much help.

I should just turn this into the "What Isabel Wore Today" blog.  Because she always looks cuter than me and how can you resist those round little cheeks and great big brown eyes? (they're like yellow lab puppy eyes!)  Plus, she sees the camera coming out and that always means pictures of Izzy time.


  1. I love your lovely style and you have a very nice dresses :) Love all your posts :)

  2. Had a feeling that was Old Navy. One of my favorite places! I would also probably wear that dress with tall boots.

  3. Both you & Isabel look so cute! Love that dress :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. The flowers on the hem of the dress is so pretty! And Isabel is adorable in her dress too :) Have a great weekend, Katie!

    Enter my Giveaway!

  5. You and Isabel BOTH look cute :) I love the print on that dress.

  6. love the print on the dress, so pretty!


  7. I love your bag! And Isabel is adorable :)

    xo, Megan

    indie flower

  8. I love this dress! I can't believe it's from Old Navy!! Isabel is adorable :)


  9. Your dress is so pretty, it has such a nice pattern and it goes so well with your pink shoes! (I love the color pink:P) And Izzy has an equally nice outfit, the floral pattern is wonderful.

  10. omg cute outfit! the dress is so pretty! and i love how you styled it!



  11. I really think that the dress stands up pretty well on its own, so props to you. Of course your daughter looks adorable, like mother like daughter.



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