Thursday, May 31, 2012

The vest returns

Vest: Old Navy
Dress: Urban Vibe
Belt: Sears
Shoes: Vince Camuto
Handbag: Bueno
Bracelets: Assorted
Watch: GW

I really like the color and the fun skirt on this dress, but I'm just not fond of the length or the fact that it is pilling already. (So happy I only paid $7 for it, I would have hated myself if I had paid full price and had that happen!)   I'm shorter than most high school girls (and most Junior high girls!) but every time I try on clothes at shops that cater to that age group, the dresses and skirts are always sooo short, even on me. I can't even imagine how short they are on taller girls, I had a hard enough time just keeping my bum covered today. (The super flippy skirt doesn't help.)  I think I'll sew in another layer underneath for some length, maybe some lace? 

 On the other hand, the husband did like this dress! He said the dress looked very "Mad Men" , but I've noticed that he likes it best when I wear simple, clean line dresses.  He's so sweet, he sat through "What Not to Wear" last night and didn't even smirk when I said I really liked that girl's fuzzy white vest and would wear it over a leather jacket. (And hey, surprise, surprise, guess what happened?  Oh yeah, a leather jacket was rocked under the crazy vest.)


  1. That red dress is SO cute, and looks so pretty on you! And I really love that vest with it Katie...great outfit :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  2. Love the dress - great cut and colour! Looks great with the vest over it too. And I feel you about the short dress! I'm fairly tall and it's nearly impossible to find a dress long enough to avoid bum-flashing ;)

    Life Etc

  3. thank you SO SO SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR FEED BACK! I love how detailed you were, it helps me stage what to do next! and keep a look out on my blog because things like this will be sold, and it will help charity too! :) the boutique will be like a marriage between boho romance and edgy fashion! and you are the first blogger to know that detail! ^_^

    so exciting! by the way- you have a great collection of clutches! AAh! :)

    God bless always

  4. I love this dress! The neckline and cut are really fun. I get what you mean about the length. Often times dresses like that end up in my donate pile after a wear or two.

  5. The Boots look hot! Love the Combination ,cool Vest with the cute red Dress!

    Wish you a great Day<3 :)

  6. That is such a pretty red dress, Katie! That's a good idea to place another layer underneath so it isn't too short :)

    Enter to win a clutch!

  7. great outfit !! i'm in love with your shoes <3
    dear what about to follow each other?

  8. Love the simple cut of that dress, it's very flattering on you! Is that the red belt's twin, Mr. Leopard print belt? Or maybe it's just my imagination, either way I'm loving the leopard accents you added, very cute and fun. I'm more of a How Do I Look fan, but What Not To Wear is pretty interesting...


  9. that's a great dress on you! I love it with the vest, too!


  10. Those shoes just whisked my heart away! I'm loving this outfit, from vest to the belt, it's just perfect! Also, I think the lace underskirt is splendid idea!

    I also wanted to thank you from the bottom of my heart for all of the sweet comments. I'm so glad my recipe inspired you because I must say, it is quite delicious!! And also, the pink/white stripe ring is from a company called Magnabilities. The stones are magnetic and you can switch them to match your outfit!

    Thanks so much again,
    James 4:8

  11. The dress is adorable, I love the color of it with the vest! And the leopard print shoes add such a nice bit of print to this outfit :) Yeah, I have that problem with short dresses a lot too, so I usually wear another skirt underneath it.

  12. I love this outfit! It is so flattering and the colours suite you so well. You have inspired me to wear more things like this. Thank you for inspiring me! I am now following you x


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