Wednesday, May 16, 2012

shorts and umbrellas

Blazer: Sears
Tee shirt: GreatNorthwest (Fred Meyer)
Shorts: Sears
Total Christian L.  Ripoff Shoes: Wanted (Famous Footwear)
Bag: Beuno
Hat: Great Northwest

See, kids know how it goes.  Whine enouph and eventually you'll get what you want. (In my case, we finally got a beautiful day that didn't switch from sunshine to hail to windstorm within a half hour.)

I'm normally shy about wearing shorts this short because you can see my frostbite scar.  I don't mind my scars that look like scars, but the frostbite one just looks like a strange, large patch of red skin. (So in other words, not cool.  Like having an eyepatch would be.)  But it was so nice and I do like these pleated(!) shorts, so I just sucked it up.

This is a great little outfit, all I need to do is lose the blazer and switch to my awesome payless flats and tada, perfect for rouph-housing at the park. (Because I'm really just a big kid.  Well, more of  small kid, if we're talking height.)

Yeah, Izzy doesn't really believe that the weather is going to stay nice.  She insisted wearing her rainboots and taking her umbrella. (Which is pretty cute!  I wish I had a ladybug umbrella and pink rainboots.)


  1. The last Picture looks cute ,love it ♡ :)
    Perfect Outfit! You look fabulous!


  2. This is my favorite your post because I love sailor inspired combiantion and your blazer and shorts are great

  3. Frostbite?! Yikes, how'd that happen?

    1. It was years ago, when we had a sudden cold snap. My car broke down in -55 below and I ended up having to walk. (It was the one day I hadn't packed my snow pants or my survial gear in the car and of course I'd forgotten my cell-phone, so yeah, it was competely my fault.) I ended up getting frostbite on my legs, I was lucky it really wasn't worse.
      Now I'm paranoid about packing my winter and summer gear and making sure that I'm prepared. It still scares the living daylights out of me and I just can't take chances like that with the kids.

  4. i just found out your blog and i really loved it!!!!
    you have here a new follower :D
    can you follow me back dear?

  5. I've been wanting to try shorts with a blazer - looks so cute on you Katie! And love the striped blazer :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. great striped blazer!


  7. I love both versions of this outfit. Now I'm inspired to do shorts with a blazer :)

  8. Love your outfit, the blazer and bag are so stunning.


  9. I love the way shorts & a blazer look together, but I haven't tried it yet myself. You look great!


  10. I really really like your striped blazer! I bet it's a really versatile piece. The shorts are really fun paired with it.

  11. Nice striped blazer and magenta top xox
    would you like to follow each other?

  12. Shorts with blazers are dominating my pinterest boards so I love this look!


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