Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Camera learning and a handsome furry dude

Vest: Old Navy - $5.79
Leather Jacket: Sears - Wait for it.... 87 cents!
Silk Dress: ? (Maybe Zara? It's hard to read the tag) Thrifted - $7.99
Belt: Old Navy - $1.99
Shoes: Zodiac (Famous Footwear) - $5.00
Bracelets: Clearance, thrifted - Maybe $5.00?
Earrings: Clearance: 2.79
Handbag: Bueno (Present)

Total: $29.43

I made it under my budget this week for my "Under $30 Challenge", although it maybe have been a cheap shot to take the bag as a zero. (But it was a present, so it's a little hard to figure price into it.)

See, I am getting better with this camera! (At least these are decent shots, it's taking a lot of time to figure out all of the new stuff, I'm really glad that I started learning on my little Kodiak, this camera would have really intimated me!) Thank you to everyone for giving me some pointers and hints with the camera, it really helped, you all are some amazingly sweet and wonderful.

Running from the storm!  Just moments after taking pictures, the clouds rolled in and we got some much need rain.

I thought I should post some photos of this handsome young man and where I've been spending time away from the blog:

This is Mikado, the horse that I lease and ride. He is an Irish Sporthorse and the biggest cuddle bug I've ever met!  I've been having such a ball riding him, he is a total doll. I work part time up at the barn to pay of my lease and riding and hopefully when I start teaching lessons I'll be able to give Izzy and Gunnar riding lessons in exchange.  I also wanted to show off my new saddle! My dad found this Crosby(Fantastic saddles, really high quality.) at  a garbage sale for $75.  These normally run between $600 -$1,000 plus, so that was such a steal! (See, the smart shopper gene runs in the family!)  It was great to replace my old saddle, it was a pretty bare-bones, basically a flap of leather jumping saddle that I had for almost 17 years, but I had so many memories from riding in it, it's going to be hard to let go.

*Cough*   And now, back to your irregularly scheduled style blog!


  1. This is such a fun post and the little kid is adorable! I love your shoes :)

  2. Cute Pictures ♡ :)
    You look gorgeous in this beautiful Dress ,love it!

    Lovely Greetings :)

  3. All images are great and I like your dress the most:-) SO cute :-)

  4. Mikado is gorgeous! No wonder he pulls you away from the blog :) Love your dress and the color of your belt!

    The Other Side of Gray

  5. I love the print on your dress! Thanks for sharing the photos of Mikado, he's such a beautiful horse.

    The Tiny Heart

  6. Mikado is beautiful and so is that dress! :)

  7. LOVE that dress! You look fantastic! And I love the layering over it that you added. Bloggers luck that you got those in before the rain, those clouds look nasty.

    Mikado is beautiful! What a fun side project to lease a horse and get some good riding time in! Love keeping up with your blog and what you're up to!

    Keep in touch!
    It's an Easy Life

    1. Oh, thank you, you are too sweet! I've been enjoying getting back into riding and I really lucked out in finding both an amazing instructor and a really talented horse. (Who is such a snuggler! He just loves being kissed and fussed over.)

  8. wow, that dress is so unique! love the colors and how you layered it up!


  9. I love this dress, so fun! Man It looks so cold there! Do you live in an area where it gets warm?


    1. Hehe! During the summer it gets really warm up here, in the range of 70-95 degress. But this has been such a cold year so far, the highest we've gotten so far is a measly 58 degrees. :P It's a bummer since our summers are so short, missing a month of warm weather really makes me dread the winter.

  10. What a fun post. And seriously...87 cents??? Great score. It's almost stealing! haha...


  11. Your dress is so pretty!! I've been really wanting a vest like yours but I'm having trouble finding one. It looks great on you!


  12. Hey Girl! I love the leather jacket and vest combo, it totally reminds of the white on black piece that Wendy (from Wendy's Lookbook) and Alicia (Cheetah is the New Black) wear a lot. Quite the wedge you've got going on there, and how the heck did you get a LEATHER jacket for under $1? Seriously, both you and your pops have skillz.


  13. The jacket and vest combination is a killer one and reminds me of some of the leather-sleeved jackets I've seen in the blogosphere. I've never seen anyone try making their one with separate pieces, though. Very inspiring!


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