Tuesday, April 17, 2012


Shirt: Carhart (thrifted)
Dress: UK Style by French Connection (Sears)
Tights: Joe Boxer
Boots: Madden Girl (Famous Footwear)
Handbag: Bueno
Watch: AE
Necklace and charms: Assorted
Bracelet: ? (Thrifted)

These boots have single handily changed my style and how I look at everything in my closet.  I found them in the clearance rack at Famous Footwear and I stared at them for the longest time before finally deciding to give them a try. 

Some background: I've been a tomboy most of my life.  It's just the past few years that I've started wearing skirts and dresses more on a regular basis, but I have always had such a love/hate relationship with motorcycle boots.  I love them and the look they give, but I have short, stumpy legs and well, it just doesn't work.  So I've waited out the boots, wishing for the perfect pair to come along. 

They finally came along.  I tried these boots on and was in love. 

I tried them with most of my closet on last night and am so excited about the change they bring and they feel so true to my inner self and my personal  style and they will work all year round. I wished I had gotten a better shot, but I have a feeling that these boys will be showing up a lot more!

In other news, I think I shrank my dress in the wash.  I was pretty sure it came close to my knees last time I wore it and now, well, heh.  It is now a dark tights only kinda dress!   I thought throwing my big carhart shirt over it toned down the shortness of it though.

So, what style item changed your life?  Shoes, a dress, a piece of jewelry?  I'm curious to know!

PS- sorry about all of the photos! I was having a bit too much fun in my new boots!


  1. great blog!!
    obsessed with your boots!
    following you now :)
    would love for you to check out my blog!

  2. For shrinking it in the wash accidentally, it looks pretty dang cute! I also love your jacket and your hair. So pretty!

  3. Those boots are SO cute! And I love that dress Katie :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Those boots are so cute and I love them paired with this dress :)

  5. Your striped dress is adorable! And the boots were the perfect accessory :)

    The Tiny Heart

  6. lovely stripe dress, and your green jacket! great weekend outfit!

  7. This maybe a favorite- classic pieces that are essential in everyone's wardrobe!


  8. thanks for visiting my blog! we should follow each other : )

    xo SideSmile,

  9. That shirt looks GREAT with your pretty striped dress :)


  10. Love the look! So cute and love the stripes. New follower :)

  11. Love that striped shirt dress. It would look really cute with some bright leggings!
    In high-school I was a jeans and a Tshirt kind of girl, but my freshman year of college I bought this flow, empire waisted, A-line dress. I was so comfortable in it! Since then I am most comfortable in a, A-line sundress.

  12. Hola Chicka! (idk why I'm acting like I can speak Spanish when I can't... sigh) I. Want. Your. Boots. As well as your shirt dress which looks awesome at that length-- go washer/dryer! For a minute I thought you were rocking out a pixie, and was jealous because you can actually pull it off if you wanted to. As for the life changing item... I'd say my printed skirt, I'll feature it soon so you know what I'm talking about.

    P.S.- I love all of your new shots, it looks like you were having a lot of fun!
    P.P.S.- Is it weird that I us friends? I mean you did send me an internet hug...I'm sending you one back! Not to mention your comments are some of the nicest and sincere that I've come across, thank you!


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