Wednesday, April 4, 2012

Leather and Stripes

Jackets: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Vest: Old Navy
Shirt: Gottchacks
Skirt: Nine West (Thrifted)
Tights: Joe Boxer (sears)
Shoes: UK Style by French Connection (sears)
Handbag: Coach (Consignment shop)

Well, after being nice and depressing yesterday, I'll be light and airy today.  I'm working on improving my photography and while I'm happy to see how far I've come in three months, I still have so much to learn!  (If anyone has a great little trick or tip, please let me know, I'm like a little sponge waiting to soak up some knowledge.)

I wish I had gotten a better shot of them, but these rings are very special to me.  They were given to me by my dad when I was thirteen and fifteen and I have worn them to death!  I don't think it took them off for at least five years and you can tell, I need to get them repaired. 

This skirt was such a score!  I've been looking for an awesome leather skirt since I was seventeen, but all I've found have been ill-fitting, pleathery or trashy.  Then a few days ago I found this in the discount bin at our local thrift store and yay, my search was over!  This skirt fits perfectly, has an exposed zipper up the front and the leather is so cool, it's just like my chaps!  (Because if I could walk around in my maroon leather riding chaps all day long I would and I did  through a good portion of my teens.)

Should I sing a song about how much I love my lovely new handbag? No?  (Well, that was four years of voice training down the toilet.)  I am so in love with this bag, and my husband has been making jokes about me finally having a normal sized bag and not a duffel. (But I needed a big bag!  You never know when you might need a kitchen sink.)  It really fits perfectly into wardrobe and really adds the perfect finishing touch.

And what do you know, I  was finally brave enough to get some colored tights!  


  1. you look lovely :) the colour of your tights are amazing! xx.

  2. I perfectly understand your photograph problems - look at mine... as I never have time to go for a walk with my boyfriend in the evening and to search for a nice location, I take them on our balcony, not a very nice background... i love this bag and the colored tights are great!
    and I admire your courage to take photos in the snow without a coat! when does spring arrive and the snow melt in alaska?

    xxx Anita

    1. Thank you, but it was pretty warm out, about 40 degrees out. It varies all over the state for when the snow melts, but for us up here in Fairbanks it's normally about April-May, but we've had snowstorms in June. ^_^

  3. That vest is my favorite - looks so cute with the stripes! And the colored tights look great :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Thanks for visiting my blog ^^

    Love your little purse, great colour!

  5. Love those tights with this outfit. They really give it a pop of color. I haven't perfected wearing non-neutral tights yet.

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