Wednesday, April 25, 2012

Challenge: High-Low Hem

Jacket: Missono (Thrifted)
Dress: ?
Shoes: R2 (Famous Footwear)
Clutch: Urban vibe

The high-low hemline trend has been one that has made me really nervous.  Not necessarily because of it being a hard trend to wear, but because when I buy clothes, I want to be able to wear them for a long time and not look dated after a year or two.  All of the high-low hem dresses/skirts I've found in town so far I've worried about them looking too trendy and looking dated, but this dress worked for me! It's a good floaty dress and it pairs well with blazers and other jackets, I think it will do. (It is a strapless however, I think I may have to make some alterations to that, strapless dresses and small children lead to wardrobe malfunctions!)

My little sister got in on the photo shoot today! (Well, not so little, she's way taller than me! But then all of my little siblings are way taller than me, I'm the runt in the family.) 
It was really fun, she's so much better than me when it comes to makeup, she introduced me to this fantastic mascara today that I will have to track down. (When it comes to makeup, I really am clueless.)  She's such a sweet girl and is crazy good at thrifting, we always find good stuff when we go together! (She has a really good eye, I have a beautiful skirt that she found for me, I will have to wear it soon.)

Dress: Thrifted
Jacket: Betsy Johnson
Shoes: Old Navy
Clutch: Urban Vibe


  1. thats a gorgeous dress!!!

  2. LOVE that dress - what a pretty pattern! And your little sis is too her shoes :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. That dress is so pretty on you, Katie! I love seeing the photos of your sister :)

    The Tiny Heart

  4. I'm also pretty hesitant about the high-low hems, or as I call them "mullet dresses". You pulled it off. Love your sister's dress too!

  5. Great outfit! I totally know what you mean when you talk about the longevity of a piece, but I really like your dress, it is so pretty. If worse comes to worse you can just lop off the back of the dress in a couple of years, lol. Your sister is just as fashion forward as you are, it seems like thrifting skills come naturally for you guys. You and your dang cute clutches, I want all of them! I always find myself thinking "Jee, maybe I should go out and buy myself some clutches like Katie...Yeah!" Instead I find that most places want an arm and a leg for something, and F21 doesn't always have all of the answers... SIGH, you give me clutch envy!


  6. Wow - I love that dress, I think you will get lots of wear out of it for sure! And that clutch is amazing!

  7. love the butterflies!


  8. I loveeee your shoes and your clutch! I love love love it :)

  9. Your dress is so pretty, the butterfly print is so cute and of course the high low hem is pretty awesome. Your sister is also so stylish, the wedges are so cute :)

  10. What a beautiful dress! Love the butterfly print.

    Enjoy your weekend :)

  11. Sorry I haven't been by! Life got in the way of blogging for a while. (Thank goodness I had a backlog of unpublished posts.)

    I know what you mean about the potential flash-in-the-pan trendiness of a high-low dress, but sometimes you can be surprised. I thought leggings would be long gone by now, only because Lindsay Lohan played such a role in popularizing them - but I'm glad they're still around. Anyways, the varying butterfly pattern plays so well with the shape of the dress...beautiful! Love your clutch too.


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