Saturday, March 31, 2012


Jacket: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Shirt: Lands End (Thrifted)
Skirt: Pure by Alfred
Scarf: ?
Shoes: Kardashian for Sears
Handbag: Coach

Know what's sad?  I've had this skirt in the back of my closet for over three years and this is the first I've worn it.  It was one of those buys where I loved it in the dressing room, got home and then had no idea what to wear it with and thought it was too high-waisted and too snug.  Well, after cleaning out the closets last night I rediscovered this skirt and had to try it on before tossing it in the donate pile.

I am so happy I tried it on and didn't toss it first.  I love this skirt! And now I have tops galore to wear with it and so many ideas, I think this skirt will become a real staple.  Which brings me back, why did I love it enough to buy it, then hate it when I got home?

Three years ago, after two kids and finally feeling like an adult and not a teen, I realized my wardrobe was in a sad state.  Everything I owned was jeans, black dress pants(left over from two jobs in a row that required ONLY black dress pants.) and tops that were too young and cheap.  I wanted to look chic and grown up, but I really didn't know how.  I must of realized this was a big girl skirt, but just didn't know what to do with it.  My style has change so much since then, I love a high-waisted skirt now and like loose button ups, it's fun to see the change.

Have you ever bought something and then left it sit forever in your closet before realizing you love it, or has your style changed so much the old clothes you loved you've now outgrown? 


  1. I love this skirt! Glad you decided to keep it. It is going to look great with some bright summer tops!
    I feel like my style is still evolving. I definitely go through love/ hate phases with some of my clothes.

  2. Your skirt has such a nice print, good thing you found it again! The shirt looks lovely with it and I LOVE the shoes :)

  3. the skirt looks amazing on you! i'm glad you kept it haha i also love how you styled it :)

  4. great outfit, you look lovely! :)

  5. Thanks a lot for your comments :) I started now to invest time in my blog and i'm glad that you like it!!
    This shoes are amazing :b Great outfit!

  6. Cute skirt! Love it with the chambray :)

  7. I am a bit embarrassed to admit how often this happens to me. I'm glad you re-discoevred that skirt, though. It looks great on you. Love it with the chambray button-down :)


  8. That's a really great skirt, it's def something you'll get a lot of wear out of. Also like that cute little purse :) I have a love/hate relationship with most of my clothes lol. It all depends on my mood!


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