Friday, March 30, 2012

On the Cheap Weekday Challenge

Blazer: Sears $4.99
Shirt: Old Navy $9.00
Pants: Gap (Thrifted) $4.00
Scarf: Christmas present
Shoes: Report (Famous Footwear) $12.00
Necklace: Pasun $1.49
Watch: AE $3.33
Bracelet: Gottschaks $.50
Black Bracelet: ? Present
Bag: Coach $30.00
Scarf: Silk $2.00
New haircut and a few hours of sleep: Priceless

I'm smiling for a lot of reasons. 

1.  After two nights staying up with puking kids, I got a little sleep this morning and they're feeling much better! 

2.  New haircut!   I am really bad about getting hair cuts.  Like maybe two haircuts a year bad.  That's pretty sad, considering how fast my hair grows and how much I loooove getting my hair cut.  Having someone else wash your hair?  Pure heaven.  My bangs are pretty happy too, now they're nice and thick, just like I like them.

3. This lovely in the last picture.  Thrifting bags up here is so hit and miss, mostly miss for me.  But after checking a small consignment shop in town, I found this lovely little Coach bag, sitting on his self with a crazy low price tag.  My first though was, "Aah, ripoff replica. Bummer."  But after inspection, I realized it was the real deal.  Not only that, the owner gave me 20% off!  This little beauty is the bag of my dreams, aside from my Valentines present, I've been holding off buying any bags for the past few years because I knew what I wanted and I couldn't find it. (Within my price range.)  This is a post for another day, but selecting handbags are a lot like refining your personal style.  When I was young, I found lots of cheap, shiny bags, but aside from three bags I constantly carry, the rest I've given or donated.

I was going to do a "Under $30 Weekday Challenge" post yesterday, but after the mentioned two nights of no-sleep and throw-up, I got my tripod out and then flopped in the snow while trying to set the timer. (Sadly, I have no pictures of this.) After that I just gave up and dragged myself back in.

So this is the On the Cheap Weekday challenge.  Total for entire outfit: $67.31.  My challenge normally is to make an outfit for under $30, but after thinking about it, getting a fantastic bag for such a low price is part of being frugal, so this week I'll just overlook the price.  (That doesn't sound like an excuse at all.)  I love these Gap cargo pants I thrifted awhile back, but after running around all day I should have pulled them back up before picture time. (Saggy butt syndrome!) 

So, are you are super shopper for stretching your dollar, and what was your last good find?


  1. I really love your bag and shoes, they are both amazing!

  2. cute haircut. It's been 8 months since my last one so I certainly wouldn't judge you for only getting two a year:)


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