Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Frugal Outfit Day

Jack by BBDakota $15
Dress: Ann Taylor (thrifted) $3.49
Belt: ? (I think it came with a dress)
Shoes: Kardashian for Sears $9.99

Well, first off I want to say thank you to everyone, you all are too sweet! 

I've finally realized that at almost 5'2, I am petite.  Or short, one of the two.  This means that when I buy clothing items that are petite, they fit better and I will not have to torment them with my sad hemming skills.  This dress was the lucky one, being a petite meant no bad sewing skills from me and it meant I got a lovely dress from the thrift store, already the right length, for $3.49.  That's my kinda deal!

Which moves me right along to the next subject, I love reading the "outfits for under a hundred" articals in the fashion magazines and online, but $100 an outfit is steep for me. So I wanted to do a feature weekly where I do an outfit for under $30.  Why $30?  It seems like a reasonable amount and I have terrible luck thrifting shoes, so I need extra to offset that. (I''ve thrifted two pairs of shoes in my life, size 9 and cute are hard for me to find up here.  Yeah, I have big feet for someone of my height.)  It's not to say nice clothing items aren't worth the investment, but I like to push myself in getting really good deals on things I normally can't afford and to show that you can get a great look for less.

This jacket I got on sale with a coupon(At Pacson) at christmas time, it was technicaly a present, I just saved my husband the trouble of picking it out. (A good way to go!)  The dress as I mentioned, I thrifted on a 50% off day and these Kardashian shoes I got on super clearence!  I did forget to factor in my acessories, but since it's old jewelry, I'll just pretend it doesn't matter this time, next week I'll make sure to think off this.

So my outfit totals at $28.48 this week.  I know thrift stores are scary and smelly at first, but if you are on a budget and want nice stuff, they are your best friend.  And coupons!  They've great for groceries, but in Alaska most grocery coupons are not honored, but clothing ones always are!  By combining those with sales, you can get new stuff at thrift store prices. (Again, for clearence, Sears is fantastic!  You get Old Navy rock-bottom prices for good qualitly stuff.)


  1. i alway laugh at those articles, too...$100 is a lot to me for an outfit! i love this dress on you (and what a deal)! and who knew that kardashians made cute boots? i love this idea for a post!

  2. love those boots! I had no idea the kardashians had a footware line... guess I need to get with it!!! Very stylish outfit for under $30!!

    1. The Kardasian line for sears is not as bad as it looks, they have some good stuff, just over priced. (Yay for sales!) The footwear is a hit and miss, but I did really like these booties and the price was right. ^_^ And thank you very much!

  3. Love the dress with the leather jacket - looks great! And yay for petite sizes :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Great blog and I'm your newest follower.
    If you like, follow me back. It would make me very happy ;)


  5. I'm so with you- I practically live in a thrift store, there's always something super cute and affordable, and unique! I love a great deal, and I'm loving your boots- it was the first thing I noticed! And for $9.99?? Perfect!
    You look really nice and chic!
    Good luck!

  6. Those boots are fierce! And to get them at $9.99 is nothing short of amazing!


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