Monday, February 20, 2012

A Surpise! (sort of....not really?)

Vest: ? (thrifted)
Jacket: UK Style by French Connection (Sears)
Shirt: ? (thrifted)
Skirt: Kardashian for Sears
Shoes: XOXO

Well, I'l start off by saying that I really considered not writing the name of my skirt.  I really did.

You see, I''m one of those people who when the Kardashian line for Sears came out said "Skanktastic!"  Well, a couple days ago I ate my words. (Well, at least two other ladies in Fairbanks did the same.)  We were at Sears scooping out the great clearence when I saw something shocking.  It was the most lovely shade of pink.  It looked feathered.  It was so far from skanktastic.  It was in the Kardashian section. 


Myself and two other lovely laadies were  ohing and ahing over this beautiful skirt, all making our snarky comments about how shocking it was to see something so PRETTY and well made by the Kardashian brand.  (BTW, you ladies were hystarical!) So, after all this, I decided to give their clearence items a try.  It was much the same that I saw when the line first came out, cheaply made, over priced and skanky.  But there were a few gems.  This skirt, a lace blouse and of course, the beautiful feathery-ish skirt. (I'll try to wear it this week, it really is pretty.  And after all the coupons and sales, I got it for super cheap.)  So I've learn, at least try some once or twice, you never know.

Which brings me around to something else.  In the style blogging world you see a lot of H&M, Anthroplogie, Urban Outtfitters, The big three(Old Navy, Gap, Banana Republic) Forever 21, J.Crew and Target.  I tried to think back, but I haven't seen any Sears stuff.  At all.  

And that my darlings is a shame.

Sears is one of those places known for washers and stuff, but they have some great clothing finds.  UK Style by French Connection is a fab little line with nicely made on trend items and basics.  They have a misses and a plus section for this line and the plus line  is beautiful.  Usually the plus lines are just big, billowy sacks, but there are fantastic tops and dresses by the UK Style.  Another fun line is the line by Sancturay which has great fitting jeans and a very boho look.  I've found awesome, cheap shoes at Sears that have lasted over six years so far.  And there's the Kardashian line, which has some hits and misses. (That's a more spendy line, only hit it on sale or clearence.)  Sears always has sales going on and good coupons so look for those and their clearence ROCKS.  I have a lovely beige shift dress that I got for $2.99.  The juniors area, however, is scary.  Very teenybooper.  Watch out.

So, after writing a book, I will say that Sears did not pay me for this. (I woldn't mind though!)  It's just one of those really under rated places that you can find great, fairly cheapish, decently made clothing items.

Whew!  I'm all tuckered out.  So, do you ladies have any unknowish places you like to shop for great little items?


  1. I totally agree, Sears is definitely underrated. When I saw the Kardashian line come out, I will admit I was a little excited. I know, I know, but I found the best sequined cropped cardigan there... it was perfect even if it sounds sketchy. The only thing is it cost an arm and a leg, so I hope it'll be there the next time I hit up Sears. I love shopping at JC Penny. I seriously have to restrain myself from going in, because I know I'll always come out with a lighter wallet.


  2. Lol, I forgot to mention that I am in love with your skirt! I have one sorta like that, but it's more of an a-line cut. You look great!

  3. This post is really helpful Katie! I tend to dismiss Sears unless I need a watch repair, so it's nice to know what to look for. The skirt is great and very on-trend and who cares if you had to 'eat your words'? It's refreshing to see an outfit not built around the usual stores. I rarely shop at them and am actually proud of the extra challenge it creates in my wardrobe.

    I love the mix of pastel shades in your skirt, shirt and jacket mixed with heavier elements from your fur accents and dark tights.

  4. Cute skirt. (I was also afraid of the Kardashian collection, but you proved me wrong.) I don't even know where a Sears is in Boston, but after all the cute pieces I've seen on your blog, I may have to check it out! I love Kohls and have found a lot of great pieces there over the years.

  5. This skirt kind of makes me want to go to Sears! It is super pretty - and I love how you layered over it :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  6. Helpful info! I really had no idea!
    That skirt is very romantic! Love it!

  7. I wouldn't have pegged that skirt as a Kardashian item at all! It's nice with the tights! n_n

    I am so bummed our closest Sears just closed for renovations. I love browsing the shoes online, but have held back because I'd have to drive so far if I needed to return anything! XD

  8. I'm so happy the ribs turned out for you! I really appreciate the feedback after you made them!


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