Tuesday, February 14, 2012

V-day (Like D-day?) NotevenfunnyIknow

Vest: ? (Thrifted)
Sweater: Old Navy
Belt: Old Navy
Skirt: Anne Taylor (Thrifted)
Shoes: Rocket Dog

Happy Valentine's Day everyone! 

Instead of going super Valentiney, I just threw in pops of red outfit-wise today. (I always feel silly wearing all red or pink on Valentine's day, it's all cheesey on me.  And not good cheese like Tinturn cheese, it's like Velveeta cheese.) This skirt was such a find at the thrift shop, its silk and was only $4.  The pattern is so cute, it looks like polkadots, but I think it'sa really easter eggs. (Easter eggs for Valentines day, awesome!)  The furry vest is so warm and was another good thrifting find, I'd looked for a while for a furry vest, but everything was too shapeless, too expensive or too fakey-looking.  Then tada, I found this at the thrift store on sale for $3.50.  Today's lesson, you can find anything at the thrift store if you look long enouph.

I think that's it for me today, I'm going to pull the cherry cake out off the oven and the hubs is making coconut chicken florentine soup.(It's really good! The perks of having a chef for a husband. )


  1. That sweater looks super-cozy and contrasts nicely with your breezy skirt I'm squinting but just see polka dots on my ancient monitor so I'll take your word for it ;) And I love your fur vest - what a find! I could see it going well with a vintage pin or two.

  2. This is one of my favorite outfits of yours! That polka dot skirt is SO cute, and I love how you layered the vest over the sweater :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  3. That sweater looks cozy. I love the pop of red with the belt and pop of blue with your shoes.


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