Sunday, February 5, 2012

Pink Remix #2

Jacket: Old Navy
Tee Shirt: GW (Fred Meyer/ Kroger)
Pants: AE
Boots: Old Navy
Top Necklace: Fred Meyer/Kroger
Bottom Neclace: Sears

As you can see, I was quite a dork today.

Remix Pink pants #2!  You know how you put something on one day and you go, "Yes! This is me!"  Well, this outfit is me in a nutshell.  I'm at my best in pants, since I grew up as quite a tomboy, but I love color and funky things and have such a soft place in my heart for leather jackets.  This just makes me all kinds of happy to wear this.  Having said all that, I'm kinda bi-poplar.  I love, looove lacey dresses and being all gussied up, so who knows I'll wear from day to day.

Hmmm, I should talk abou the styling, seeing as I was doing a little style thingy. When wearing your bright pants casual, go all out!  Have fun and do something you like because in the end, that is what really matters.  If you love what you wear, youll feel happy and confident and that is what people will notice. (Well, if you're wearing bright pants they'll notice those....but at least your significant other will be able to find you in the snow!)   Wear your pants with a lace top, rocker tee or anything that makes you happy and enjoy yourself.


  1. I like the color blocking, and those pant need to be in my closet!


  2. Love the color blocking with your pants and tee :)

    xo Jennifer


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