Saturday, February 4, 2012

Pink Remix #1

Blazer: UK Style by French Connection(Sears)
Shirt: Blouseworks (thrifted)
Pants: AE
Belt: ?
Shoes: XOXO

I love the bright pants trend.  As I've mentioned before, back in 2006 when brightly colored jeans had a brief moment, I wouldn't go anywhere near them.  Now, I can't stay away.  I finally crossed pink pants off my list, now I'm looking for the perfect green ones.

It's about time I did a style thing, seeing as this IS a style blog, and why not start off with pink pants?   Today, I'm doing the dressed up/ professional version of the pink pant outfit. (although, as a disclaimer, I should state that "professional" doesn't mean all workplaces, it depends on your dress code and how conservitive your workplace is.  I have worked a few places where pink pants might get you burned at the stake.)

For dressing up colored pants, and pink pants no less, it's all about balance.  I have a bright patterend blouse and bright pink pants, so I used a nude colored blazer and heels to tone the color down.  Pink is one of those colors that ventures into clown/5-year-old-girl land pretty easily, so be careful with your color choices.  Go brown, gray or camel, black looks too harsh with pink and can look kinda 80s. (Although, if you really want rock that look, grab your hair scrunchie and turn up the Pat Benatar.)  I love turqoise with pink, it's such a lovely color combo.

Next post I'll dress the pink pants down and go casual.

I would like to stay thank you to everyone and your sweet comments, you guys really brighten up my when I get to read through them.  Thank you!

So, do you love color pants?  What do you wear with yours and how bold do you go?


  1. Love this combo. You achieved a look that is both funky and professional at the same time. I don't think colored denim will fly at my office on a day other than Friday, but I might be brave and try it one day.

  2. I just gave away my only pink pants at a clothes swap! Not because of the colour, because of the fit.
    These ones fit you like a glove. I think you were right to pair them with a nude blazer and shoes for the workplace, and your pretty (thrifted!! wow) blouse ties the three together nicely.


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