Friday, February 3, 2012

Lacey Blizzard

Shirt: Old Navy
Coat: Old Navy
Dress: Kohls
Tights: GW
Shoes: Old Navy
Belt: Claire's
Jewelry: Assorted

I make the strangest faces.  These are the *normal* ones.  But, in my defense, I kept getting a face full of snow and wind, about 10 mins after we finsihed shooting, it kicked into blizzard mode.  But, it's warm out so I don't mind.

I really like this lace dress, it's fully lined, well made and the lace doesn't look cheapish.   I got it almost a year ago when we went down to Seattle to visit family and got to visit the Belligham mall.  I love the Bellingham mall.  It's HUGE.  However, anything seems huge to us Fairbankans, our mall is a hallway with maybe ten little shops in it.  We had such a fun shopping trip, it was just my little sister and I  along with my two kids, we rode the train(They had a train in the mall, a train!) and hit up every store we could find.  It was shopping heaven.

Anyways, after rambling, I tried this dress on, needed a smaller size, grabbed the medium and checked out.  Got back up home to Alaska, unpacked, and realized the medium was miss-marked and was really an extra large.  Whooops.  So I need to take this to a tailor, but until I do, I'll just belt it.   Or I could go all alaskan and duct tape it.  Duct tape works for everything.

Style wise I'm really loving wearing long sleeve shirts under my summer dresses, it really makes them work for winter. It's a little but more fun than wearing just a sweater over the dress. You know what else? Wedge booties really are the best thing ever.  They work with everything, are crazy comfy and I can run in them.  Totally rightous.

What do you mean no one says that anymore?

It's Alaska, we're always a good twenty years behind.  Those long, 90s church lady dresses are really hot right now.


  1. Ooh! I love that dress! So pretty - especially with the long sleeved shirt under it. <3

  2. So cute, love the dress and shirt together! You're so brave to be out there in the snow!

  3. You are so brave taking your coat off - it looks FREEZING! That lacy dress is SO pretty :)

    The Other Side of Gray

  4. Your trench coat is seriously all sorts of lovely! Trenches are so versatile and perfect for bearing the elements like you and I must do during the winter months...Sigh, at least a cute trench coat makes the cold somewhat bearable! x

  5. We do have the same wedges :) You're totally rocking them in that Alaskan snow! You're a daredevil for sure, I'd be scared out of my mind to try and wear any type of heel when the pavement isn't dry.


  6. Your coat is so beautiful!


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