Tuesday, January 31, 2012


Dress: Old Navy
Belt: Clarie's
Tights: GW
Shoes: Vince Camuto

Wow, our light really started to fade fast.

This is a dress I love to wear.  It's fitted with a great skirt and... it has pockets.  I have such a love affair with pockets.  Anyways, getting back to it, you've most likely noticed a lot of my clothes come from the same place.  Up here, we have very few stores.  We have Sears, Old Navy, Famous Footwear, Pacson, AE, Torrid, Two thrift stores(Value Village and Salvation Army) and then a few consigment stores and outdoor-wear stores. (Walmart doesn't really count.)  And that is it.

It can be slim pickings, as everyone shops at the same places, so it's not uncommon to go somewhere and see someone else wearing the same thing. (I'm surpised we haven't broken the space/time continum thingy-ma-jig.)

I'm not to sort of person to throw a fuss over stuff like this, but I do like to look a little different.  This means doing something that no one expects and up here in Fairbanks, Alaska, that means leopard print booties.

I *HEART* Leopard print booties.

I got some good stares with these today.

But wearing a dress up here on a day other than Sunday tends to get stares too.

"Are you going to a party?"


"Then why are you looking so fancy?"

"I want to look special when we break the space/time continum thingy-ma-jig."

Going for my laser gun.  You never know.


  1. I love your leopard booties. And that denim dress that looks good on you. ^_^

  2. Dresses with pockets are the best!


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