Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Premature Party Time

Coat: Old Navy
Scarf: ?
Shirt: Old Navy
Shoes: SM New York
Skirt: Christian Dior

Heh, my little man is doing his most suave pose.

This skirt is retail karma.  Back when American Eagel was having it's 40% sale, a lady grabbed the last pair of bright blue AND red jeans right out from under my grasping hands.  There almost was a smack down, but I walked calmly. (okay, I maybe stalked her to the counter)  The  next day at the thrift store I was looking through the racks when I saw this skirt, loved the pattern and on the off chance I glanced at the tag.  
 I'd like to say I nonchalantly walked to the check out counter, but I think I set a new record for the hundred yard dash.
I love this skirt, not only is it one of the nicest things I own, it has pockets.  Becuase if something has pockets, I'm sold.

Wooo, blurry photos.


My happiness was short lived, we are now back to -40 below again.  It doesn't feel as bad now that we're use to it.

So, do you belive in retail karma?  Or do you just plow your way through?

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  1. Love this look! I adore a skirt with pockets! If I like a skirt and find out it has pockets I get positively giddy! Super cute!


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