Monday, January 16, 2012

Only Hooligans have blogs!

Shirt: Od navy
Pants: Old navy
Belt: Never given back to husband
Shoes: Not Rated

   That's what my husband said when I asked him to take pictures for the new blog.

   My first outfit picture.  My poor husband took pictures and had to kneel the whole time.  (I'm 5'2 and he's 6'4, it looks like he's taking pictures from a roof.)  Inside, since it's still cold, but I have a picture of my crazy stylish and cute winter gear.

Coat: Fleet St.
Snow pants: L.L.Bean
Hat: Carhart
Gloves: Deerskin
Boots: Boggs
Scarf: gifted

        I only have six layers on, that's just how we roll up here.  It's warmed up though, were now at only -29 below.   Fairbanks beach party, here we come.

   So how do you roll in the cold?   Lots of layers, or do you just suck it up during the dash from the car to the store?

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