Sunday, January 29, 2012

Ice Fog

Shirt: Old Navy
Skirt: Bought at Fred Meyer(Kroger)
Tights: GW (Fred Meyer)
Shoes: Kensie Girl
Jewelry: Assorted

So.  I think I get the badass award today.
It is -49 below.

The ice fog was really fun to shoot in and I have to say, these tights rock.  The brand is GW and your local Fred Meyer/Kroger store should have them.  They kept me warm and didn't rip right away and are fairly reasonable in  price.  (But it's not like I was just standing around for hours, just running in and out.)

It has warmed up, it was -58 last night.
The late night anchors on the weather channel were fastinated by us last night.
"It's cold over in Fargo, but did you see Fairbanks?!  -52 below!"
"People live up there."
"-52 below!  And tomarrow, it's suppose to warm up to -29 below.  That's warming up!"

We're barbarians.

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