Monday, January 16, 2012

First post from the Great Frozen North

    So, this being my first post, I think I should come up with something crazy funny, or delightfully witty.   But no, I will talk about the boots from heaven. (See the halo?  That's right.  Also, I need to scrub the walls of our hallway and vacum.)

     Most Alaskans swear by bunny boots as being the best footwear ever.  And now Sorrel is popular down in the lower 48 with the fashion crowd and of course, Timerland is getting all cute and hipster looking.  But in my book, Boggs are the BEST. BOOTS. EVER.  My dad gave these to me as Christmas present a few years back and as you can see, I've worn the living daylights out of them. (some of the non-living daylights as well.)  You can wear these hiking, fishing, rolling around in the knee deep mud come breakup, they are great in the -50 below weather and they are the most comfort-fitting boot ever, good support, water-proof, everything.  These are now the only boots my dad will wear hunting and he's really picky.

   So, if you're going to spend the money, Boggs are the best all around boot I've ever had.  Annnnnd, they come in cute colors and fit a varity of calf sizes.

           It's a little cold now, about -45 below.  This morning we had really dense ice fog, the mail box was pulling a pretty good vanishing act.

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