Monday, January 23, 2012

Fake Anthro

Shirt: Old Navy
Dress: Angie
Belt: Claires
Shoes: Black Poppy
Bag: ? (gift)

Ah, no moose to run from today, nor a car to dodge.  So I'll just go talk to this pole.....

This dress was another good thrift find, doesn't it look like an Anthro dress?  I'll take a rip-off any day and at a $5.99 price tag, why not?   (I know, Anthropolgie fans will burn me at the stake for that, but first, they'll have to brave the cold!  Muuwwaahhaa!)

Akward pic of the day:

Oh yeah, I'm about hit the pole up with a "How you doin'? and offers of some R&R. (rich and rare, it's a cheap whiskey that is usually the drink of choice up here in the north and yes, the joke's no good when I explain it.)

We're in  the middle of a heat wave up here, still -5 below and loving it!  This time of year, we're normally hitting -40 to --55 below, so this is great!  (Only Fairbanks people get happy about -5 below, the freaks that we are.)

Thank you everyone for the comments, you all are so sweet and I really enjoy reading them!  (I'll try not to scare you away, I really will.)


  1. Hi there. I love your blog and your Alaskan style. I've been wanting to visit Alaska ever since I married my husband who's Dad grew up there. Glad I found you!

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  2. Thanks for your lovely comment on my new blog!!! I'm following you now dear!!! Follow me back??? Let me know, you'll make me very happy!!! kiss and good luck!!! :D


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