Monday, December 31, 2012

Whoa nelly....

Gap Cardigan
Banana Republic silk Blouse
American Eagle Outfitters skirt
Chinese Laundry Tights
Rampage Boots
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Earrings (christmas gift)
Vintage Rings (gifts)

..that's a lot of print.  I really like this outfit in parts, but I think different boots might have helped it.  (Or maybe I'm just over-thinking it all.)  I am glad that I did wear the tall boots, I tried to take a few pictures in the woods across from my parents' house and with the deep snow I couldn't see where the little bridge over the small creek was since the snow was level with it.  I stepped right off the bridge and right into hip deep snow!  Yikes, that was cold!

We didn't have much going on for New Years, we all went riding this afternoon and did a bunch of baking when we got home.  The kids and I did get to go see a fireworks show and we got some little poppers and sprinklers to play with which the kids loved. (Who does love sparklers?  They're so fun!)  Then it was board and card games and that's it.  Yeah, we're just about the most boring people ever when it comes to New Years.  Not much excitement here.  

I hope everyone has had a fun and safe New Years so far, it's crazy to think that 2013 is here already.  Here's to 2013 being the year that world peace happens and hunger and fear is stamped out!

I know, not likely, but let's give it a try.

Sunday, December 30, 2012

A pony and his horse

American Eagle Outfitters Blazer (thrifted)
F21 Mint Dress
Fred Meyer Tights
Madden Girl Boots (very, very old.)
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Necklace, Earrings (Christmas gift from my Grandma.)
Vintage Silver Rings (Gifts from my dad, about 13 years ago.)
American Eagle Outfitters Bracelets
Vintage Silver and Turquoise Bracelet (garage sale.)

The one time we drive down this little back road that only one person lives on is when everyone in Fairbanks decides to go for a drive down it.  I just haven't had very good luck the past couple day with getting pictures!   This is one of my favorite outfits, I cleaned out my old tack box and found these old boots in it. (No idea how those got into my tack box.)  We were going back out to work with the pony again today so I wore my larger coat and my snow pants and was perfectly warm.  That's one thing that's wonderful about winter, I can wear a cute outfit, throw my work gear over it and then afterwards, still have cute clothes.

And speaking of the pony, brace yourself for the avalanche of adorable-ness.

Just the cutest pony ever!  We've been working with him for the past couple days and today Izzy and Gunner both got to hop on him.  I still have my old saddle which has a 14 in seat and is really light that is ending up to be perfect for Merryleggs and for the kids to ride him in, I'm so happy I didn't sell it when I got my newer Crosby.  Gunner has a really natural seat and has become quite the little rider after a summer of riding lessons, he had so much fun riding and was so relaxed that Merryleggs was completely chill about having someone on his back.  (I've been working with weight on Merryleggs' back and lunging him, so I was pretty confident about Gunner hopping on.)  Izzy got to ride as well and was so happy about it, she just loves him so much!

I love horses but I really do prefer working with ponies, that's always been my thing at the barns.  Being a short person, I've always been the person who has to straighten out the ponies when they get naughty and the first horse I competed on was a little gray pony. (The most amazing pony in the world, I did my first Young Riders of North America course on him and he was killer.  Granted, he was a taller pony who had a incredible amount of talent, so the four foot course was work for him but he was still amazing.  Humble brag, we won.  Go ponies.)

Erk, that got to be about me.  I think I'm as excited as the kids about having a pony, he's such a sharp little guy and has the best personality   I'm so happy that Izzy and Gunner get to have their own pony to bond with.  They have their own little pony to care for now and I'm really excited for them to start learning more about the horses, they both help with the cleaning so there won't be any spoiled little horse riders here!  We were cleaning the corral before hand and Merrylegs kept getting into the muck sled and waiting for Izzy to pull him around and Dollar kept taking Gunner's little shovel and trotting around with it in his mouth.  They're such little trouble makers!

Saturday, December 29, 2012

It's been a while Mr. Wiley

American Eagle Outfitters Hat
American Eagle Outfitter Soft Military Jacket (thrifted)
Anna Sui for Anthropolgie Silk Dress (thrifted)
Only Mine Cashmere Sweater (thrifted)
Chinese Luandery Tights
Me Too Oxfords
Forever 21 Spiked Bracelets
Vintage Aquamarine Ring

I'd only taken a few pictures when I heard a crunch crunch.  I glanced over and there was Mr. Wiley staring at me from behind the snow covered bushed trees he'd been munching on.  I very slowly packed up the camera and tripod and keeping my eyes on him, made it back to the house safely   Right now you're thinking Mr. Wiley must be the creepy neighbor who sits outside clad only in his boxers cuddling his garbage in the snow. (Sadly, this is a real neighbor.)

No, Mr. Wiley is a moose.  He's been coming to our neighborhood since he was a baby to devor another neighbor's delicious trees.  He's sneaky, quite and has a nasty little habit of popping up out of nowhere to surprise us as we're struggling struggling with  grocery bags and scaring the living daylights out of us.  Thus, he's been christened Mr. Wiley.  (There are other names, but they're not as eloquent.)  This is the first time I've seen him this year and I was a little too worried about getting trampled to take  pictures, but I'll try later this year from the safety of the house.  The second to last picture is when I heard the crunchy noise and started looking over.  He'd been bedded down under the tree in the first pictures.

I wish I could train a moose so I could ride and jump him.  Those guys can jump anything!  Our neighbor has a decent sized fence and the moose just hopped over it like it was nothing.  In the wintertime the moose will hop the six foot pasture fences and get in with the horses to eat their food.   One of my old barn buddies and I use to talk about capturing and raising a little moose to ride him, them putting some tail extensions on him and jumping him in a Grand Prix. We even had a name picked out, we were going to call him Stewart after our horse that did look like a moose!

I know, I'm ridiculous.  At least it was crazy warm outside, this is actually what I walked around all day in.  20 degrees is heaven.

Friday, December 28, 2012

Snow covered road

Old Navy Coat (Christmas present via giftcard)
Gap Cardigan
American Eagle Outfitters Dress
Fred Meyer Tights
Fred Meyer Scar (gift)
Me Too Oxfords
Pacsun and AE braclets
Vintage Diamond and Gold Necklace
Rosetii Handbag (Christmas Present)

On the other side of this little road is one of the city's snow dump area, a little Subaru was spinning donuts in it and almost slammed right into one of the large snow piles.  Dipstick.  Oh yeah dude, you're almost as cool doing donuts in your Subaru as the guys who paint racing stripes on their Neons.   So, so cool.

So yes, that first picture is me watching the men being so manly and awesome in their little car, I was hoping they weren't going to drive around the back and racing down the road. (Which they did.  Of course.)    I'm just a big grump when it comes to stuff like that, someone ran into our car last year in the Sears parking lot doing donuts, left a huge dent in the side so the door wouldn't open and then raced off before I could get his license plate.  Grrr.

I was really inspired by this outfit of Libby's, the blush pink and the gray sweater is such a fantastic combination and I was so excited because I knew I had items in my closet that were similar.  I think this is one of my favorite outfits now, this sweater is another garment that I constantly wear, it's also the first and only item that I've ever bought new from Gap.  (Gap was high class stuff when I was growing up, that and Holister.)   I love this cardigan so much, to think that I almost set it back on the rack!

During Christmas my family roasted a huge turkey, mom and I split the carcass so we could each make chicken(turkey) noddle soup.  It's one of my favorite recipes that was passed down from my great, great grandmother who immigrated from Germany, it's cheap to make and feeds a ton of people.   I roast a chick usually once a week and always save the carcass to make my own stock, it's cheaper than buying canned stock and it always tastes better.  (I suppose there's a cheap theme here, a whole chicken is cheaper per amount of meals than buying a pack of chicken breasts.  The chicken soup stretches out for a few days, so from one chicken I can get half a week's worth of meals for four people.)

Being cheap doesn't just apply to groceries, I got a $25 gift card to Old Navy for Chirstmas and thanks the the 75% off sale and a coupon, I was able to get two coats for me, a pair of pants and some shirts for each of the kids and they both got to pick out a little toy.  This pastel coat was one of the ones I bought, it's large enough for me to layer lots of other coats under it when the weather turns cold again and the color is really versatile with what is in my closet already.

Thursday, December 27, 2012

Zebras and stripes

Old Navy Faux Leather Jacket
Pacsun Striped Blazer
Ya Silk Dress (thrifted)
Chinese Laundry Tights
Madden Girl Boots (Famous Footwear long ago.)
Icing Scarf

Wow, that's a lot of pictures with my hands stuffed into my pockets.  I guess that's what I get for forgetting my gloves.  I'm slowly figuring out the focus on this new lens but I still need a ton of practice, I'll just apologize now for the slightly blurry photos! (Although, it would be great to actually have some light for once.)

My little sister offered to babysit the kids today so Evan and I could go see The Hobbit. ("There and Back Again!"  I refuse to use "An Unexpected Journey.")  I have some pretty mixed feelings on the movie but that's really a rant for another day, it was just lovely to get a few hours to spend alone with Evan.   I'm trying to decided if I can talk my sister into one more babysitting before she heads back to school, I really want to see Les Miserables.   It's one of my favorite stories and I'm really excited to see how the actors singing live during the production worked out.  (And it's got a pretty killer cast.)

It's funny looking back through my pictures how often I reach for this jacket!  It's turned out to be one of my better purchases  I wear it all of the time and I really like how the brown faux leather doesn't have as "tough" a look as black leather does.  

Wednesday, December 26, 2012

Overdose on the boots?

Old Navy Faux Leather Jacket
Banana Republic Cashmere Cardigan (thrifted)
American Eagle Outfitters Dress
Fred Meyer Tights
Fred Meyer Scarf (Christmas Present)
Vince Camuto Leopard Boots

Pretty boring today, everyone was wiped out from the busy week so we all just chilled at home and cleaned the house. (Sort of.)  I did get a few minuets to play with my new "nifty fifty" lens that Evan got me for Christmas, I need to play with it more but it's so much fun! (And thank you again sweetie.)   I think the leopard print booties might possibly be overkill, I've been so stuck on wearing them these past two weeks that I naturally just reached for them this morning.   (It must be because they make me sooo tall, I'm like 5'8 with these and for a shorty like me, that's pretty awesome.)