Tuesday, January 8, 2019

New Year, New Post

 Hello 2019!  I hope everyone had an enjoyable holiday season and look at us, rolling into 2019.  At this point I will have been blogging since 2012 and I am a little surprised I am still going.  I think every year I go, "I got this style thing down!" only to realize I still don't know what I am doing.  for all of those who have hung around since 2012, hank you for taking time out of your busy day to listen to my rambles and to newer readers, welcome!

I'm not really sure if I have a constraint look going - I always enjoy looking at bloggers and people who have a very clear style and I think I still am not quite there. I like a lot of different things?  Some day Katie, someday.... 

 I got this handmade cap for Christmas and wow do I love it.  the embroidery is super cute and the hat is line so it is actually warm and doesn't let the cold air in! This Isabel Marant sweater coat is still warm, I roast in it so luckily the weather has been chilly.

 I feel like this was a weird throwback for me style wise, I think if I had worn a different under cardigan, no belt and maybe my black helmut lang coat under the big cardigan, it would have looked a little more me.  It was still fun to wear however!

 My furry pom pom boots.  Our dogs can hardly stand it when I wear these boots, they want to chew them so badly.

 Some cute Scandinavian wool boots! I was so excited to find these thrifting because I've wanted a pair for forever!  They are crazy warm and just off beat enough.

 I made this head piece out of a Christmas wreath and a headband! I feel kinda proud of it because it was fun as all get out to wear. I'm extra, ok?

 Much better styling with the cardigan coat this time around, I loved this outfit!

 I feel really iffy on this look - the pants are gray and that bugs me.  I also don't think my layering quite worked here, my All Saints coat would have been a better choice but I really liked my eyeliner.

 Whoa ice fog! The temps dropped to colder than -40F so out camy the furry hat and this amazing 90s Burberry coat I thrifted.  I've had some great thrifting luck lately, New Years is like a goldmine for thrifters.

Practical Sith in the cold.  Style aspirations right there!

Saturday, December 22, 2018

Christmas Break

 Here I am again, slacking on the blog.  We are rolling into Christmas break now and it actually looks like it will be unusually warm for us with temps above zero! Considering it is normally about -50F at Christmas and we are going into the deep cold of winter now, this is very uplifting.  Hopefully that will hold as ski club starts up - we start in January rather than November because it is dark by 3pm which would mean skiing with headlamps and with 40 kids in the club, that gets exciting!

 Speaking of the light, we just had the Winter Solstice and with a total of 3 hours and 41 minutes of daylight yesterday, we'll starting gaining back daylight!  With overcast days it often seems like we don't move past "twilight" so it makes a huge difference. As you can see from the photos, it has been very dark, I took most of these about 1pm.  All black outfits might not be the best choice in those cases!

 I really liked this but I think it would work better with my cropped leather jacket but the cold threw me for a bit of a loop.  I'm excited to try it again in warmer weather, this time with a hat. I feel so naked in my outfits that don't have hats!

 Layering is serious and I am a dork so we end up with looks like this, which I love.  Moon Boots for the win, always.

 This is one of my very favorite outfits of all time. I like layering my big cardigans over my coats, it's extra warm and I love the volume.

 I was so tired this day and it shows.  I'm going to try this top again, maybe with taller boots and my Rick Owens hooded coat but it was a little chilly and I like styling my puffer coats and showing that my outfits are in fact wearable.

 Much better styling on this skirt this time around, I think I goofed the proportions last time and made myself look exactly as short as I am!

 This Isabel Marant coat is just pure joy. I have to wait until it gets cold to wear it because it is so heavy and warm. I love the pattern and it just makes me happy to wear it.

 Ponchos over coats, one of my favorite styling methods!

 A cape and moon boots? Yes please. 

Ignore my hair, the cold makes it so awful.  Ugh, the static!  Merry Christmas everyone and Happy New Year, may you all go into with brightness, joy and strength!