Friday, August 26, 2016

Summer's End

AEO Hat, Bag and Romper (last year's)
Free People Sandals (ebay)
Valentino Sunglasses ( gift - consignment)

Thursday, August 25, 2016

Party Birks Ride Again



Valentino Sunglasses (gift - consignment)
Winter Kate Vest (ebay)
Eileen Fisher Silk Tank (ebay)
J.Brand "Maria" Jeans (ebay)
Birks (ebay)
Free People Bag (ebay)

The party Birks are back in all of their sparkly glory! However, they are super hard to get a decent picture of, the color never quite comes through and they are SO much more sparkly in rl than in pictures. I bought Izzy some sparkly Birkenstocks knock offs last year and they were so cute I ended up searching all over for a pair for myself. Why are kids clothes so cute?!

Wednesday, August 24, 2016

Early Twilight

Free People Hat
Winter Kate Suede Vest (ebay)
Joie Dress (ebay)
Old Navy Sandals (last years,stocked in stores again this year)
Ecote Bag

A mosse jumped in front of the car the other morning, it was right at that early morning twilight which tends to be the most dangerous time for moose. It's difficult to see them in the twilight and this guy popped out of the woods right in front of us - I was so thankful we missed him! A moose went through one of my brother's windshield  earlier this spring (and wasn't injured!) and they tend to be one of the most dangerous things about driving in Alaska. They are several times the size of a deer and moose/car collisions usually end with the moose dead and the car totaled.

Tuesday, August 23, 2016

Down To The River

AEO Hat, Sunglasses and Bag
Denim Jacket (thrifted)
Target Maxi (thrifted)
Free People Heels

Monday, August 22, 2016

Old Favorites

Helmut Lang Jacket (consignment)
Free People Tunic (consignment)
Hue Leggings (consignment)
Ecote Boots
Anthropologie Bag (birthday gift)

Aside from my boots and accessories, everything in this outfit is second hand. By this point, I'd say that's pretty good representation of my closet, most if my clothes are second hand either through thrifting, consignment shopping of good old ebay and most of my accessories are store bought. It's fairly rare for me to buy shoes from a store, I've been lucky enough to find most of mine second hand as well, or brand new on ebay, a serious money saver when it comes to nicer shoes.

These leggings are my fall back on rainy days, they don't get wet at all! Trust me, I've tried - the water just rolls right off them. I haven't worn these boots a ton this past year,  I wore my Rag and Bone ones most of last winter and gave these suede version a break.  They are a little worn but still going strong.

Sunday, August 21, 2016


Free People Hat
Vince Wool Sweater With Leather Sleeves (ebay)
Winter Kate Top (ebay)
AEO Jeans and Bag
Clogs (consignment)

Leaves are starting to turn yellow up here in the North and I am really not ready for it. Stay a little a longer summer!

Saturday, August 20, 2016

Pass By

AEO Hat, Bag and Jacket
Forever21 Dress
Clogs (consignment)

I wore this a few weeks ago (wow, that blew by!) to a rodeo. I received tickets through work for the Farthest North Rodeo which ended up being a huge amount of fun. I would not normally wear a maxi dress to a rodeo because the grounds are usually pretty dusty but our new rodeo grounds by the old horse arena and is mostly paved - pretty okay for a long dress. It was a fun afternoon right before school started, right now everything is pretty busy with all of the back to school activities and work picking back up.   Not to mention all of the winter preparation - making sure we have enough wood for the winter, insulating the water pipes, fixing the roof, never ending car maintenance poor Ev's replaced most of the front end on my car over this summer!) I've been a slack blogger but I'll try to pick back up again.

This dress I bought last spring at the F21 in Anchorage - exactly the second time I'd ever been inside of a F21! I've mentioned before that Fairbanks does not have a huge amount of clothing stores - aside from outdoor gear, tons of those - so it's always fun to go to Anchorage and be blown away by all of the choices. I really like this dress and while the fabric isn't the best, it's held up fairly well.