Thursday, March 22, 2018

Dat Moon Boot Life

BCBG hat (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Madewell Sweater (thrifted) / Gap Skirt (ebay) / Moon Boots (ebay)

Still enamored with my boots.  About three weeks after I bought them, I suddenly started seeing Moon Boots everyone in town - they exploded in popularity!  Having the big head I do, I thought I was just that super cool person inspiring everyone to live the Moon Boots life.  Go Me!

Nope, it ended up our local outdoor clothing store started carrying them shortly after I bought mine and everyone feel in love with light, soft cushioning boots tat magically never get wet and keep your feet warm even in the super cold.  Soon, these boots will over take the Stegers that have held the popularity crown of best winter boot in Fairbanks Alaska.  (Bunny boots live on, a sleeper that will probably show up on the NY runways at some point in time.  If Duluth and Carharrts can show up in a fashion magazine, so will bunny boots.)

Wednesday, March 21, 2018

A Warm Wind Blows

Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Free People Dress (eby, old) / BCBG Boots (thrifted) / Leather Bag (thrifted) / Aritiza Wool Scarf (thrifted)

I don't wear earrings often during the winter because it hurts when the posts freeze and they interfere with hats. I've lost so many earrings take my hats off!  As soon as I starts warming up an the chinook starts blowing however, it's time to break out the earrings in anticipation of the snow melting and warm days.  I love these earrings I bought from Fred Meyers's, they were around $3 and I wear tem so often. They're fairly light for as large as they are and I like the motion and bright color.  This dress is an older Free People dress that stunning but doesn't get worn as often during the winter due to the slip always sliding up.  Dry winter are rough on the static cling.

Tuesday, March 20, 2018

Feeling It

BCBG Hat (thrifted) and Boots (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Coat (ebay) / Zara Dress (thrifted) / Old Navy Scarf / Ecote Bag (old)

Black with pops of color - it that doesn't sound like old Katie, I don't know what does.  That said, I really like this dress I found at VV, it makes me thing of a low key D&G dress with the short length and embroidery and I am all about that look.  I really liked the brown bag and belt with the dress, it seems like it brightened it up just a bit. I am really excited to wear this dress this summer but I think I'm just excited for summer clothes in general.  (The first year I've ever looked forward to wearing shorts!)

Monday, March 19, 2018

Bring On The Sun

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Hinge Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Joie Maxi (ebay) / Bag (thrifted) / All Saints Boots (ebay)

Still wishing all of the snow would melt and really feeling the spring fever.  I've been wearing this jacket a ton now that it's warmed up and I looove it - it's a great dupe for the Isabel Marant leather jacket a few years back and I like how the color of this jacket works with almost everything.

Sunday, March 18, 2018

Meh Again

BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Old Navy Scarf / Hinge Leather Jacket (thrifted) / Marc by Marc Jacobs Silk Top (gift) / Paige Velvet Pants (ebay) / Steve Madden Boots (thrifted) / Mulberry Alexa Bag (ebay) /

I felt like I had a week of meh outfits, partly due to the weather and partly just due to being busy and not taking very good photos.  The kids are in ski club right not (hopefully all of our snow doesn't melt off before we're finished for the season) and I help out so most of my outfits have been practical, aside from off days when I'm like "wear all of the crazy stuff!" I wore this to one practice but pulled on my Moon boots and a fleece over my leather jacket. It's an ok outfit but I wasn't really feeling it that day.

Saturday, March 17, 2018


BCBG Hat (thrifted) / Fred Meyer Scarf (old) / Jones NY Wool Coat (thrifted, old) / Banana Republic Cashmere Sweater (thrifted) / AG Jeans (thrifted) / Steve Madden Boots (thrifted) / Mulberry Alexa Bag (ebay)

I really liked this outfit but not in pictures. In person it's all cute and slouchy and it the pictures it just looks sloppy. Ugh, light blue jeans, why you so hard?

Friday, March 16, 2018

One Cold Morning

Fred Meyer Scarf (old) / Fleet St Parka (thrifted) / Lauren Ralph Lauren Sweater (thrifted) / Theory silk Top (thrifted) / Helmut Lang Leather Pants (ebay) / Moon Boots (ebay)

I've been trying to wear something other than dark bottoms with my moon boots and I ended up really liking this outfit.  The colors are brighter than I'd normally go with these but I felt it was super cute in a practical, cold weather way.